Steel Kraken

Nature: Creature
Type: Construct
Subtype: Aquatic

Alignment: True Neutral
Size: Huge to Colossal
CR: 8

First Encountered: 13.1 "YARRRRRR!!!!!"

Description: "Articulated steel tentacles thrust out of the water at you. As they begin to flail about, you begin to see the body of a squidlike construct break the surface, its casing made of composite materials including steel, wood, and iron."

Then they were first created the bodies the steel krakens were 15 feet long, though larger prototypes were also produced. Like a true squid, a steel kraken has ten tentacles — two 40-foot-long ones and eight 20-foot-long ones. A typical steel kraken weighs 6'000 pounds. Since they went rogue, there's been rumours of them growing bigger since them. Steel krakens don't speak.

Information: The same creation forges used to build Cyre’s warforged titans built the steel krakens, which the Cyrans used to defend their southern coastline. Turned loose to patrol within 5 to 10 miles of shore, steel krakens discouraged the other nations from making naval assaults on Cyre’s coast. Incorporating early living construct schema, the steel krakens could adapt to changing conditions, and many have abandoned their orders since the Day of Mourning. They can now be found almost anywhere along Khorvaire’s southern shores.

Though smarter than most constructs, steel krakens are barely more intelligent than animals and rely on instincts infused in them during their creation. They have orders not to attack ships that fly the colors of Cyre, although in the years since the war it appears that at least some steel krakens have forgotten or decided to ignore this instruction.

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