Carver 400 gp
Clawfoot 150 gp
Fastieth 50 gp
Glidewing 800 gp
Magebred animal ×2 gp
Valenar riding horse 500 gp
Nature: Equipment
Type: Living beings

House Vadalis and the elves of Valenar are known for breeding superior mounts and selling them on the open market. In addition, the hobbits of the Talenta Plains breed some unique mounts of their own — small, domesticated dinosaurs.

Carver: A close relative of the clawfoot, a carver is a predatory dinosaur, about the size of a heavy horse, native to the Talenta Plains. Known on some worlds as the deinonychus.

Trained for war, its size and strength allow it to carry two halflings or a single human-sized rider. Halfling scouts often ride carvers in pairs as they patrol the plains. An exotic saddle is not required for riding a carver.

A carver treats up to 232 pounds as a light load, up to 466 pounds as a medium load, and up to 700 pounds as a heavy load.

Clawfoot: A human-sized predator of the Talenta Plains, this dinosaur is the halfling equivalent of a warhorse. Well trained and loyal, a clawfoot often continues fighting even after its rider’s death. While a clawfoot would be considered exotic on many worlds, an exotic saddle is not required for riding one.

Fastieth: A fast-running, plant-eating dinosaur, the fastieth is the halfling equivalent of a pony or riding horse on the Talenta Plains. An exotic saddle is not required for riding a fastieth.

Glidewing: This pteranodon can carry several halflings aloft with ease. An exotic saddle is required to ride a glidewing.

Magebred Animal: An animal magically bred by House Vadalis might have any of a number of useful qualities—higher ability scores most notable among them—and is easier to train than a mundane animal. A magebred animal of any kind costs twice as much as its mundane equivalent.

Valenar Riding Horse: The horses bred by the elves of Valenar are exceptionally fast and strikingly beautiful. Valenar riding horses are not generally trained for battle—their advantage is speed, not strength. Valenar elves do not usually sell their war mounts.

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