Nature: Maneuver
Type: Standard action.

An attempt (during melee) to take an item from a target, if it's neither held nor hidden in a bag or pack.

●Initiating a steal provokes an Attack of Opportunity (AoO) from the target of your maneuver.
●If your Maneuver attack roll succeeds, you may take 1 item from your opponent.
●Your target is immediately aware of this theft (unless you have the Greater Steal Feat).

●Those with the "Improved Steal" Feat don't provoke an AoO for stealing an object
(and also get +2 on stealing, and defending against being stolen from).

●You must have at least 1 hand free (holding nothing) to attempt this maneuver.
●You must select the item to be taken before the check is made.
●You must be able to reach the item to be taken (subject to GM discretion).
●You can use a whip to steal an object from a target within its reach, but get –4 on the check.

●Items that are simply tucked into a belt or loosely attached (such as brooches or necklaces) are the easiest to take.
●Items fastened to a foe (such as cloaks, sheathed weapons, or pouches) add +5 (or more) to Maneuver Defense.
●Items that are closely worn (such as armor, backpacks, boots, clothing, or rings) can't be taken with this maneuver.
●Items held in hands (such as wielded weapons or wands) can't be taken with this maneuver (must use disarm instead).
●The GM is the final arbiter of what items can and can't be taken.

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