Spellcarved Soldier

Nature: Prestige Class

Warforged warriors who engrave magic runes into the plating of their inherently supernatural bodies, gaining remarkable defensive abilities. Trained and funded by Cyre during the Last War, the spellcarved soldiers were a devastating force on the battlefield - cutting down forces ten times their number and striking fear into the living and the warforged alike.

With the secrets of their arcane augmentations learned by capturing their fallen on the battlefields, the result was that some spellcarved soldiers stood among the ranks of nearly every faction in the war before the end.

In the aftermath of the war, a failed attempt by a human lord to turn the scattered soldiers into his own private army inspired the creation of a loose federation among these warforged - propagating their teachings and maintaining some form of discipline among their ranks.

While their combat focus leaves them unsuitable for many peacetime pursuits, most spellcarved soldiers now work as mercenaries, bodyguards, bounty hunters or elite soldiers in the armies of various nations.




Race: Warforged
Skills: Spellcraft 4
Feats: Silver Tracery
Base Attack Bonus: +6
Alignment: Non-chaotic (to join)
Magic: Ability to cast 1st-lvl arcane spells or imbue 1st-lvl infusions
Special: Must swear a formal oath promising to behave according to the code of the Spellcarved Soldiers.

Class Traits

Hit Dice: d10. Skill Ranks: 4 + Int mod.
BaB: Good. High Saves: Fortitude & Will.
Class Skills: Ride, Use Magic Device

Level Progression

lvl Class Features
1 Spellcarved Runes, Lesser Rune of Extension
2 Rune of Resistance
3 Spellcarved Runes, Moderate Rune of Fortification
4 Rune of the Archmage
5 Spellcarved Runes, Greater Rune of Warding

Class Features

1.Spellcarved Runes, Lesser (Su): Carved into own "skin", turning your body into a magic item that sustains and protects you in battle. Activating a rune is a Swift action, with each activation lasting 1 hour per level or until you deactivate it (a Free action). You can only have 1 rune active at any given time.

1.Rune of Extension: Any spell or infusion with a duraton other than instantaneous that's used on you can be tied to this rune (when it's active). This doubles the spell or infusion's duration as though it had been modified by the "Extend Spell" metamagic feat. In addition, a spell tied to this rune is harder to dispel, increasing the DC of dispel checks made against it by +5. Only 1 spell or infusion can be tied to the rune at any given time. While the tied spell or infusion is in effect, the rune of extension glows softly red.

2.Rune of Resistance: Gives a bonus = (levels in this prestige class) to saving throws against mind-affecting spells and abilities, and against harmful spells or effects that target your composite plating (f.ex. "heat metal", "repel wood", rusting grasp", etc).

3.Spellcarved Runes, Moderate (Su): You can now have 2 runes active at the same time.

3.Rune of Fortification: Makes you immune to precision-type damage (sneak attack, critical hits, etc).

4.Rune of the Archmage: Can benefit from the effects of up to 3 magic rings, and from wearing magic robes (an item type which warforged usually can't use).

You can also add your Class Level to your Caster Level for any arcane spell or infusion that you cast while this rune is active. Even if the power's duration extends beyond the time the rune is active, this CL increase still applies.

5.Spellcarved Runes, Greater (Su): You can now have 3 runes active at the same time.

5.Rune of Warding: Gives you Damage Reduction = 5/magic. This doesn't stack with any DR you gain from magic items, spells or infusions.



Code of Conduct

Spellcarved soldiers follow a simple code that requires that they treat one another honorably and not harm members of House Cannith unless directly attacked by them first. Spellcarved soldiers may fight one another, but such combat must be preceded by a personal and formal acknowledgement of enmity followed by a day of truce (though spellcarved soldiers on opposite sides of a declared war are released from this obligation). Otherwise, they are required by pledge to treat one another fairly and according to local laws, rendering aid if possible.

While all spellcarved soldiers make this pledge upon receiving their training, they are bound to it by nothing but their word. Many follow the cody to varying degrees and with a fair amount of interpretation. Those who break the code risk losing face with their fellows, and might receive declarations of enmity from other spellcarved who learn of their actions and take offense. Though it happens infrequently, those who adopt the pretense of being a spellcarved soldier without actually being members of the class can expect the hostility of the whole federation, and of other warforged who respect the federation's ideals and actions.


Spellcarved soldiers have no official leader, and consider each other peers of equal rank. Their loose federation is bound together by word of mouth, with spellcarved who meet each other sharing news of themselves and what they know of other members. Discipline among the spellcarved comes from self-censure and the threat of gaining the enmity of other members.

There has been too little time since the end of the war for the federation to experience any serious schism (yet), but the looseness of the organization and the lack of clear authority is sure to lead to difficulty should enough spellcarved ever agree on one particular interpretation of the oath they swear

Spellcarved Characters

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