Spell Sovereign

Nature: Prestige Class

When the Day of Mourning occurred, spells that had been cast when the event happened became sentient. These semi-sentient living spells roam the Mournland, infused with a semblance of life, and destroying anything that gets in their way. These spells have attracted the attention of many arcane sages; everyone from the experts at Morgrave University to those individual wizards who wish to put these living spells to their own use.

Spell sovereigns are spellcasters who have learned to capture and tame these living spells, binding them to servitude. Spell sovereigns use living spells as conjured creatures, as familiars, or incorporate these spells into magic items. Especially adept spell sovereigns can even go so far as to awaken living spells, giving them sentience.




Skills: Knowledge (arcana) 5 ranks, Knowledge (dungeoneering) 1 rank
Feats: Improved Familiar
Magic: Ability to cast at least 3 spells of ''conjuration [summoning]'' type,
1 of which must be Spell Level ≥ 3
Special: Must have had direct contact with a living spell.

Class Traits

Hit Dice: d6. Skill Ranks: 2 + Int mod.
BaB: Poor. High Saves: Will.

Level Progression

lvl Features Enhance Living Spell L.S. Familiar Magic
1 ●Create Living Spell ●1st-level spell -
2 ●Rebuke Living Spell 1+ caster level
3 40 ft, +2 Str, +1 AC 2+ caster level
4 ●Imprison Living Spell ●2nd-level spell 3+ caster level
5 60 ft, +2 Str, +1 AC -
6 ●Prolonged Creation 4+ caster level
7 80 ft, +4 Str, +2 AC ●3rd-level spell 5+ caster level
8 ●Multiple Creations 6+ caster level
9 100 ft, +6 Str, +3 AC -
10 ●Awaken Living Spell ●4th-level spell 7+ caster level
lvl Features Enhance Living Spell L.S. Familiar Magic


Class Features

1.Create Living Spell (Sp): As a standard action, you can temporarily create a living spell using any single spell you can cast that qualifies for the living spell template. ●This expends the prepared spell or a spell slot of that level. ●The living spell appears where you designate within 30 ft & acts immediately on your turn. It attacks your opponents to the best of its ability. ●You may use this ability a number of times per day = half your spell sovereign level. ●The created living spell lasts for 1 round per spell sovereign level. ●This ability otherwise functions as ''Summon Monster''.

1.Living Spell Familiar:

2.Rebuke Living Spells (Su): You can rebuke, command or bolster living spells as an evil cleric with the right feats can rebuke undead. For determining the effects of your rebuke attempt your turning level = your CL. You may use this ability a number of times per day = 3 +your Cha modifier.

6.Prolonged Creation (Su): From now on your ''Create Living Spell'' ability will last 1 minute per level you've got in the spell sovereign PrC.

8.Multiple Creations (Su): You gain the ability to create a living spell made out of 2 different spells, as a standard action. The creature exists for 1 round per PrC lvl before dissipating. Ability otherwise functions exactly like the ''Create Living Spell'' ability.

10.Awaken Living Spell (Sp): Works like the ''Awaken'' spell, except it affcts only living spells. ●When you use this ability, you must make a Will save at DC = (10+the target's current HD). ●An awakened living spell has an initial attitude of ''friendly'' towards you, but you have no special empathy or connection with it. ●An awakened living spell gets 3d6 Int, +1d3 Cha, and can speal 1 language you know, +one additional language known to you per Int bonus. ●You may use this spell-like ability once per day, and every time you do it costs you 500xp.



Command Undead (feat)

Using foul powers of necromancy, you can command undead creatures, making them into your servants.
Prereq: Channel negative energy class feature.
Benefit: As a standard action, you can use one of your uses of channel negative energy to enslave undead within 30 feet. Undead receive a Will save to negate the effect. The DC for this Will save is equal to 10 + 1/2 your caster level + your Charisma modifier. Undead that fail their saves fall under your control, obeying your commands to the best of their ability, as if under the effects of control undead.

Intelligent undead receive a new saving throw each day to resist your command. You can control any number of undead, so long as their total Hit Dice do not exceed your cleric level. If you use channel energy in this way, it has no other effect (it does not heal or harm nearby creatures).

If an undead creature is under the control of another creature, you must make an opposed Charisma check whenever your orders conflict.

Sovereign Characters

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