Sovereign Speaker

Nature: Prestige Class


Skills: Knowledge (religion) 5 ranks
Feats: Worldly FocusFoE
Magic: ●Ability to cast divine spells,
●access to at least 1 cleric domain (in Eberron, adepts meet this requirement)
Special: Must worship the Sovereign Host, without favoring one god above the others.

Class Traits

Hit Dice: d6. Skill Ranks: 2 + Int mod.
BaB: Poor. High Saves: Will.

Level Progression

lvl Class Features Magic
1 ●Bonus Domain nr 1 -
2 ●Bonus Domain nr 2 +1 level
3 ●Bonus Domain nr 3 ●Extra domain slot (3rd lvl) +1 level
4 ●Bonus Domain nr 4 -
5 ●Bonus Domain nr 5 +1 level
6 ●Bonus Domain nr 6 ●Extra domain slot (5th lvl) +1 level
7 ●Bonus Domain nr 7 -
8 ●Bonus Domain nr 8 +1 level
9 ●Bonus Domain nr 9 ●Extra domain slot (7th lvl) +1 level


Class Features

1.Weapon Proficiency: You gain proficiency with all the favored weapons of the deities of the Sovereign Host:
battleaxe, ●halberd, ●heavy mace, ●longsword, ●morningstar, ●quarterstaff, ●sickle, ●spear, and ●warhammer.

1.Bonus Domain: For every level you take in this prestige class, you gain a bonus domain offered by one of the deities of the Sovereign Host. You can't choose more than 2 domains offered by the same deity (f.ex. if you already have the "Strength" & "War" domains, you can’t choose "Good", since Dol Dorn offers all three). You also can’t choose an alignment domain if your own alignment doesn't match it.

You gain the granted powers of the chosen domain. If you have domain spell slots (as a cleric), you can prepare spells of the chosen domain in those slots as normal. If you instead add domain spells to your existing spell list (as an adept does), simply add the spells of the chosen domain to the appropriate class spell list.

For the purpose of determining the Domain powers of these bonus domains, the character's level in this prestige class count as if they were cleric levels. This does not apply to any other class abilities, nor does it apply to any domains not granted by this prestige class.

3.Extra Domain Slot:
You gain an extra domain spell slot for every 3 levels in this PrC,
which can be filled by any domain spell of that level or lower.
3rd level: Gain an extra 3rd-lvl domain spell slot.
6th level: Gain an extra 5th-lvl domain spell slot.
9th level: Gain an extra 7th-lvl domain spell slot.

Worldly Focus (feat)

Your belief in the omnipresence of the gods is so strong, you can channel your spells through the environment rather than a holy symbol.
Prerequisite: Worshiper of the Sovereign Host.
Benefit: You can cast cleric spells without the need of a divine focus.

Speaker Characters

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