The Sovereign Host

Nature: Religion
Type: Pantheon of gods

Alignment: Neutral Good
Favored weapon: Longsword

Description: The Sovereign Host consists of the deities most commonly worshiped by the majority of Khorvaire's population. Most people revere the Host as a whole pantheon, offering prayers to different deities in different situations. Even clerics are often devoted to the entire Host rather than to a specific patron.

GODS Sovereign of… AL Weapon Clerical Domains
Arawai Life & Love NG Morningstar Good, Healing, Plant, Weather
Aureon Law & Lore LN Quarterstaff Law, Knowledge, Magic, Rune
Balinor Horn & Hunt TN Battleaxe Air, Animal, Earth, Travel
Boldrei Hall & Hearth LG Spear Good, Law, Community, Protection
Dol Arrah Sun & Sacrifice LG Halberd Good, Nobility, Sun, War
Dol Dorn Strength & Steel CG Longsword Chaos, Glory, Strength, War
Kol Korran World & Wealth TN Mace Charm, Community, Earth, Travel
Olladra Feast & Fortune CG Sicle Good, Healing, Liberation, Luck
Onatar Fire & Forge NG Warhammer Good, Artifice, Fire, Rune

(* = setting-specific domain first published in Eberron corebook)

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