Soulbound Shell
CL 12th
Skill Craft (sculpture)
Cost 60'000 gp to make

Nature: Creature
Type: Construct
Subtype: Soulbound

Alignment: Any
Size: Medium
CR: 12

First Encountered: 25.3 "The Modern Epimetheus"

Description: "This white statue of a bald human is marbled with glowing green veins of energy."

Information: A soulbound shell is the perfected version of the soulbound construct-principle, far surpassing the crude and partial designs of the crude dolls and liited mannequins, transfering and preserving the person's full actual soul and personality. It also enables them to retain their spellcasting ability….but at a steep price:

Cemented Mind (Ex): A soulbound shell can never change its known or prepared spells.

Construction: It's constructed from marble, a 5'000 gp gem for the "soul focus", and the soul of a willing spellcaster of at least 12th level who dies at the culmination of the creation process and animates the stone shell.

The soul bound to the shell lives within a gem inside its chest. As long as this "soul focus" remains intact, it can be used to animate another shell-body, at the same cost as creating a new soulbound shell, and retains its personality and memories.

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