Soulbound Mirror Man
CL 11th
Skill C. (sculpt) / Heal
Cost 12'500 gp to make

Nature: Creature
Type: Construct
Subtype: Soulbound

Alignment: Any Neutral
Size: Medium
CR: 5

First Encountered: 10.1 "Spooky Action at a Distance"

Description: ''Tall and lean, this hooded figure resembles a human until the terrible face beneath the cowl is revealed: nothing but a featureless mirror, reflecting a hard, cold world.''

At a glance, mirror man was easily mistaken for a human. He was tall, slender, and graceful, and mased his true self in a fine hooded cloak of high quality. Nevertheless, his grace was the product of precision, not elegance, and his hooded garment served not only to hide his identity, but primarily to obscure an inhuman countenance.

The mirror man had no eyes, nose, or mouth. Its face was a featureless mirror, affixed atop a lifeless body, the corpse of the person who was murdered in order for the creation process to function. Behind this mirror is a vacant hole left behind when the body was prepared for its current use.

Underneath his garments he resembled a zombie, or even a flesh golem. All unnecessary internal organs and fluids have been removed, and what remains is wrapped in cold muscle and skin of a grayish hue that is magically maintained and self-repairing. No eyes remained within his skull, but the soul trapped within the mirror could sense all movement nearby.

Information: While some golems and constructs are simple replacements for guards and protectors, the mirror man represents a very specific design. It was intended to investigate, spy, & report, and was created with abilities carefully selected to help him fulfill these purposes. Even his ability to magically create light served to allow the master to see better while peering through the creatures' looking-glass face.

There remains a flaw in the design, however; any caster of ''mirror sight'' can peer through the face of any mirror man he's familiar with. A mirror man can't attempt to resist an unwanted connection (whether from its masters or from others), and its only recourse when used as an ambulatory sensor for someone is to cover its face & send a warning to the handler who governs it.

The cause of this grave drawback is that the creators were not fully versed in the intricacies of the methods of making "soulbound" constructs, and were merely working off of the early research they had stolen from Mairon, the true expert in the field, shortly before he fled from Aerenal due to political differences. His refusal to obey the family's demands that he design constructs for military purposes caused him to pack up his work and leave, destroying all copies of his research and burning down his lab to prevent it falling into the wrong hands.

And yet it would seem that some of his writings had already been copied, presumably by someone else of his family line, who has since then used it to invent the Mirror Man. This sentient construct would seem to be a perfect tool for intelligence agencies, as its capacities for espionage, remote-viewing and stealth are remarkable. But the severe design flaw, which makes it possible for anyone with the right spell to "highjack" the sensory input of the Mirror Man, probably would have been unacceptable to military investors.

Construction: The creation of a mirror man requires a single living humanoid creature (usually medium-sized), which is killed during the process. Its manufacture requires costly alchemical reagents and a mirror faceplate crafted specifically for the creature. The creature's soul is bound to the mirror, which prevents it from continuing to the afterlife and protects it from being resurrected or raised from the dead. Most of the original creature's memories were expunged, but mirror man retained many of his originals skills. The creation process is excruciating to the victim, and creating a mirror man constitutes an evil act.

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