Soulbound Mannequin
CL 7th
Skill Craft (sculpture)
Cost 8'500 gp to make

Nature: Creature
Type: Construct
Subtype: Soulbound

Alignment: Any Neutral
Size: Medium
CR: 7

First Encountered: 25.3 "The Modern Epimetheus"

Description: "This strange construct is shaped like a masked humanoid made of wood and porcelain."

Information: A soulbound mannequin is a human-sized improvement on the soulbound doll. The 'imprinting' process is sophisticated enough to copy over much of the modelled soul's personality intact.

Most are crafted to allow a faithful servant to remain with a prestigious family or to allow a dying loved one to remain among the living in a limited way.

Because the mannequin's face is expressionless and its voice has little inflection, it carries several masks that it uses to convey emotions. It often serves its creator as a bodyguard, companion, servant, sentry, or even paramour.

Construction: A mannequin is made from wood or porcelain, with one expertly carved mask (worth at least 500 gp) that serves as its "soul focus", or "heart". If the mannequin is destroyed, then as long as this mask isn't ruined it still holds the mind & "soul copy" imprint of the creature. It can be given a new mannequin-body, restoring the creature to life with the same mind & memories intact.

Creation requires a soul "imprint" from a creature who dies at some point during the creation of the mannequin (this doesn't prevent the actual soul from continuing on to the afterlife or prevent the body from later being revived). An unwilling soul can resist the procedure with a successful DC 20 Will save.

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