Soulbound Doll
CL 7th
Skill Craft (sculpture)
Cost 2'000 gp to make

Nature: Creature
Type: Construct
Subtype: Soulbound

Alignment: Any Neutral
Size: Tiny
CR: 2

First Encountered: 2.4 "Lost & Found (caveat latronis.)"

Description: The body is an expertly crafted doll-like toy, made from wood, stone, or porcelain, with 1 exquisite item (worth at least 300 gp) that serves as its "soul focus", or "heart".

Information: These small, sentient dolls contain a fragment of another creature’s soul. Creation requires a soul fragment from a deceased creature that must die at some point during the creation of the doll. This may have alignment repercussions for a non-evil creator if the donor soul is unwilling (not to mention those crafters who choose to arrange for the death to happen in the first place), and an unwilling soul can resist the procedure with a DC 20 Will save.

Stripping a soul fragment from the dead does not prevent the rest of the soul from continuing on to the afterlife, nor does it prevent the body from later being resurrected or raised from the dead.

The binding process strips most of the individuality from the soul, making a new soulbound doll an almost blank slate. Despite this process, fragments of the original creature’s personality remain.

Soulbound dolls can serve as companions, surrogate children, servants, guards, and sentries, as desired by their creators. Creators of soulbound dolls typically take care to take soul fragments from people whose personality traits they wish to see in their dolls.

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