Councilor Sorik Senso

Nature: NPC
Race: Khoravar
Class: Expert 11
Allegiance: Sharn City Council
Represents: Middle Central Plateau
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Male

Information: He's a clever man and a brilliant orator, and he is one of the oldest and most influential voices on the Council. However, he is influenced by his need for gold, and his supporters are aggravated by the growing economic gap between Middle and Upper Central.

His frustration is compounded by the rising success of Javan Tomollan, and every month he becomes increasingly obsessed with Tomollan. Sorik is determined to humiliate Javan and to bring down his fortunes, but he needs to be careful.

One of Sorik's greatest fears is that his family will be displaced from among the Sixty Families, to make room for Tomollan's.

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