Smoky Towers


Nature: Location
Type: Theater district in Sharn
Quarter: Menthis Plateau
Ward: Middle Menthis
Social: Lower middle class

Buildings: Theaters (4), temple (Olladra), average lodging (10), poor lodging (30), average food (20), poor food (55), average trades (30), poor trades (60), average services (40), poor services (80), average residences (20), poor residences (40)

First Impression: Theaters, restaurants, and concert halls offer the promise of an evening’s musical entertainment in this district.


Smoky Towers is in some ways an extension of the Torchfire district directly below it, perhaps slightly better off in general but not much different in essentials. Smoky Towers is the entertainment district of Middle Menthis, known for dinner theaters, recital halls, and one grand theater. It presents a grade of entertainment that falls between the burlesque of Torchfire and the classical drama of the University District — affordable yet respectable, accessible yet thoughtful.

A small but significant number of people who trace their origin to Cyre have made their home in Smoky Towers. Although culturally they differ little from their Brelish neighbors, this community has become very active in the wake of Cyre’s destruction, discussing rebuilding or reestablishing the nation elsewhere in Khorvaire. The Citadel keeps the Cyran community here under close watch due to this potentially treasonous talk.

Smoky Towers Locations

The Atrium
Classic Theater
Mizano Rupa's
Starfire Dragon
Thovanic Hall


Middle Central Plateau ward
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Little Plains district

Above: Den'iyas (gnome neighborhood)
Below: Torchfire (theater district)
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