Nature: Creature
Type: Outsider
Subtypes: Shapechanger

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Size: Medium
CR: 2

First Encountered: 3.4 "Mirror Mirror On The Run"

Description: While in its home territory within the reflections of mirrors, this smooth-featured, humanoid-shaped creature appears to have skin made entirely of mirrored glass. But once it emerges into the physical world, its shape changes to become the perfect (yet "flipped over") copy of someone else's appearance.

Information: A sliver is an extradimensional shapechanger that lurks in the half-dimensions behind mirrors. Whether they are bizarre offshoots of the doppelganger race or originate from some aberrant magic used to create a demiplane, slivers are responsible for many unsolved murders, and their mirror travel makes them hard to catch.

This creature is a a sort of "living reflection", a native from the 'dimension of mirrors', which can enter our world through any mirror or similarly reflective surface of Diminuitive size or larger. But it can only do so by taking on the exact (except for being mirror-reversed) appearance of a person currently reflected in that mirror.

Normally, slivers are mayhem-makers without plans. They show up, cause havoc and mayhem while wearing other people's appearances, and it can instantly travel between any two mirrors that are within a set range of each other. Once it's tired of ruining lives, it goes home. Its native plane is an aspect of the Plane of Shadow, with reversed and grossly distorted creatures and scenery from the Material Plane.

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