Slaughterstone Eviscerator
CL 16th
Craft Stonemason
Check DC 20
Cost 67'500 gp
keen edge,
Other Maker must
be CL ≥ 16

Nature: Creature
Type: Construct
Subtype: Earth

Alignment: True Neutral
Size: Large
CR: 11

First Encountered: 31.3 "Defeating Dreadhold"

Description: "Six squat, powerful legs support this stone automaton’s thick, insectoid body, which is wider and lower to the ground than a horse’s. The creature’s stable bulk supports four serrated blade-arms that whirl around with vicious speed."

They can't speak or make any vocal noise, nor do they have any distinguishable odor.

The eviscerator weighs at least 3'000 pounds.

Information: Slaughterstone eviscerators were originally built by dwarves to defend their strongholds; now, other underground races have started to build their own versions of this deadly construct.

Made for war, a slaughterstone eviscerator has powerful blade-arms capable of tearing through hordes of foes. Their blades are of a size comparable to Large greatswords.

A slaughterstone eviscerator approaches combat with the uncaring and brutal precision that most constructs exhibit. When confronted with a large group of foes, an eviscerator uses its enhanced mobility to move toward the largest concentration of foes that it can reach and cut them down.

A slaughterstone behemoth has a limited ability to reshape its form to fit into a tight area. It doesn't take a penalty on attack rolls or AC when squeezing through a tight space.

Slaughterstone constructs protect the cities, strongholds, and necropolises of the Mror Holds. House Kundarak also uses them as guardians in their great banks.

Creation: A slaughterstone eviscerator’s body is chiseled from a single block of stone, much like the body of a stone golem. The stone must be of exceptional quality and costs 7'500 gp

Creating an eviscerator also requires four Large +2 adamantine greatswords. These swords are forever melded into the form of the eviscerator and are destroyed if it is

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