Slaughterstone Behemoth
CL 18th
Craft Stonemason
Check DC 25
Cost 90'000 gp
sound burst,
Other Maker must
be CL ≥ 18

Nature: Creature
Type: Construct
Subtype: Earth

Alignment: True Neutral
Size: Huge
CR: 14

First Encountered: 31.3 "Defeating Dreadhold"

Description: "This massive automaton resembles a six-legged stone cat. Four huge, hammer-like arms jut from its front two pairs of shoulders, and it has a low, squat build.."

A slaughterstone behemoth has the same overall bulk as an elephant, although it’s proportionally shorter and broader in stature. It has four thick arms, one pair of which extends from each of the first two sets of the behemoth’s shoulders.

Its body is chiseled from a single block of hard stone, much like the body of a stone golem. The behemoth weighs at least 10'000 pounds. The stone must be of exceptional quality and costs 10'000 gp.

Information: Among the most powerful of constructs, the slaughterstone behemoth is one of the deadliest expressions of dwarven ingenuity and magical power. Shaped from a pure block of stone, the behemoth is a terror on the battlefield, able to literally bowl over hordes of lesser troops.

Although originally designed by dwarves, the secrets of the creation of slaughterstone constructs have spread to other races, and characters are much more likely to face one as a foe than to have a chance to fight beside one.

Slaughterstone behemoths can't speak or make any vocal noise, nor do they have any distinguishable odor.

It approaches combat with the uncaring and brutal precision that most constructs exhibit. When confronted with large groups of foes, a behemoth wades in to trample when appropriate and flails away with its limbs.

A slaughterstone behemoth has a limited ability to reshape its form to fit into a tight area. It doesn't take a penalty on attack rolls or AC when squeezing through a tight space.

Slaughterstone constructs protect the cities, strongholds, and necropolises of the Mror Holds. House Kundarak also uses them as guardians in their great banks. The massive slaughterstone behemoth that stands guard inside the Kundarak Bank of Sharn is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.

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