Skysedge Park

Nature: Location
Type: Park district in Sharn
Quarter: Central Plateau
Ward: Upper Central
Social: Upper class

Buildings: Parks (3), temples (Arawai & Balinor), druidic site (Gatekeepers), upscale taverns (25), exotic trades (20), upscale trades (40), upscale services (70), upscale residences (120)

First Impression: A park seems impossible in this city of towers, but grass and trees actually grow from the tops of a few towers in this district. A colossal iron statue looks over the entire area.


Skysedge Park is Sharn’s only park district, though Shae Lias (in Upper Northedge) is similar in some ways. Here, three large parks occupy the top floors of some of the largest towers — grass and trees grow in a deep layer of earth atop the towers, artificial ponds carved into the surface shimmer invitingly, and the noise of the city are magically dampened.

The population of Skysedge Park includes a small minority (around 400 people) of immigrants from the Eldeen Reaches, struggling to maintain something like their traditional lifestyle in a city that defies the encroachment of nature.

Skysedge Park Locations

The Skysedge Park
The Gatehouse


Korran-Thiven district
North ▲
The Mithral Tower district ◄West Skysedge Park East► Upper Tavick's Landing ward
▼ South ▼
Highest Towers district Upper Menthis ward

Above: Brilliant
Below: Sword Point
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