House Sivis

Nature: Dragonmarked House
Influence: Speakers Guild, Notaries Guild
Mark: Scribing
Race: Gnome
Totem: Cockatrice

To the casual observer, House Sivis appears to have no goals beyond expanding its services across Khorvaire. Within the house, a constant shadow war for rank and position unfolds. The gnomes do not allow these struggles to interfere with their work or their relations with their fellows; two Sivis gnomes plotting against one another may still go out drinking and have a fine time together. In a sense, the struggles are like an endless game of chess; the gnomes enjoy the game and accept any setback as a new challenge to overcome.


Current Leaders

A council of 9 administrators oversees operations in each of the nations; each council sends one representative to the High Council of Korranberg, which manages the affairs of the house across Khorvaire.

The current doyenne of the High Council is Lysse Lyrriman d’Sivis (N female gnome, bard 6 / dragonmark heir 4). She has led the house for almost ninety years and is known as an extremely shrewd negotiator and planner.


Known Members

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