Nature: Location
Type: District in Sharn (fine shops)
Ward: Upper Tavick's Landing
Social: Upper class

Buildings: Upscale lodging (15), upscale food (25), exotic trades (40), upscale trades (120), upscale residences (80).

First Impression: The streets of the district are paved with silver stone, and gleam in the light of the everbright lanterns. Beautiful music wafts out of an expensive restaurant, and a young aristocrat examines a glamerweave cloak with a critical eye.


Silvergate provides an enormous range of goods aimed at the wealthiest citizens of Sharn. Expensive clothing, fine jewelry, exotic artwork, overpriced food, and pretentious wines are all part of the Silvergate experience. However, the district does contain a few truly luxurious inns, and a magic emporium: The Crystals of Denion.

Items purchased in Silvergate are always of exceptional quality, but generally have a 5% markup on price.

There are four different dining clubs in Silvergate, but they only accept members from wealthy families or dragonmarked houses.

Silvergate Locations

The Crystals of Denion


Upper Northedge ward
North ▲
Upper Central ward ◄West Silvergate East► The Pinnacle district
▼ South
Twelve Pillars district

Below: Tavick's Market
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