Silver Pyromancer

Nature: Prestige Class

Casting fire spells tinged with the holy power of the Silver Flame, the silver pyromancer is an arcane champion of the Church, taking his place alongside clerics, paladins, and exorcists in the Church’s cause. As a silver pyromancer, you wield fire spells with proficiency exceeding your level, and imbue those spells with holiness in imitation of the purifying fires of the Silver Flame.

Most spellcasters who share your fascination with fire spells would be viewed as crazed pyromaniacs. Not you. Fire is not an end in itself, but a useful means to purify the world around you. Your fire spells are just a reflection of the zeal that burns in your heart. They are your signature tactic. When you’re carrying enough such spells, any evil opponent starts to look like a dry haystack just waiting to go up in flames.


Skills: Knowledge (religion) 3 ranks
Alignment: Lawful Good
Magic: ●Ability to Channel Energy.
●Ability to cast 3rd-level Arcane spells.
Special: Must worship the Silver Flame

Class Traits

Hit Dice: d6. Skill Ranks: 2 + Int mod.
BaB: Poor. High saves: Will.

Level Progression

lvl Class Features Magic
1 ●Pyromancer ●Purge Undead, ●Bow proficiency -
2 ●Sacred Flame +1 arcane lvl
3 ●Smiting spell 1/day +1 arcane lvl
4 ●Persistent fire +1 arcane lvl
5 ●Improved Sacred Flame ●Smiting spell (blinding) 3/day -


Class Features

1.Bow Proficiency: Gain proficiency with the longbow & shortbow.

1.Pyromancer: Whenever you cast a spell with the "fire" descriptor, your Caster Level is equal to your character level.

In addition, you can treat Paladin spells of level ≤ (levels in this PrC) as though they were Arcane spells that are on the spell list for the arcane spellcasting class chosen to add the Caster Levels gained from this prestige class. For that one arcane casting class, you can add these spells to your spellbook or your list of spells known normally, just as though they were arcane spells.

1.Purge Undead (Su): When you use your Channel Energy ability to harm undead, you infuse it with fiery divine wrath. For this purpose, your Arcane Caster Level is added when calculating your effective Cleric level. This does not apply to other uses of Channel Energy, such as to heal living beings or to "Turn Undead", but only when using the class feature to inflict damage on the undead in the 'normal' way. When used against incorporeal undead, this ability is not subject to the normal 50% chance of not affecting an incorporeal creature.

2.Sacred Flame (Su): Can lace your fire spells with sacred energy that is not subject to resistance to fire-based attacks or even fire immunity. Half of the damage your fire spells deal results from this sacred energy, while the rest is normal fire damage.

You can choose not to use this ability — for example, if your spell targets a creature that is vulnerable to fire (such as a creature with the cold subtype), or if the target is somehow protected from sacred damage.

3.Smiting Spell (Su):

4.Persistent Fire (Su): When a creature fails its saving throw against one of your fire spells, it takes an additional 1d6 fire damage on your turn in the next round, as the fire from the spell continues to smolder in the creature’s clothing, hair, or even flesh. Similar to the effects of catching on fire, but the fire is automatically extinguished after 1 round.

5.Smiting Spell (blinding): Any evil creature that fails its saving throw against a Smiting Spell you cast is "blinded" for 1 round.

5.Improved Sacred Flame (Su): Can choose to make fire spells deal no fire damage at all, instead dealing full normal damage derived from sacred power. Thus, creatures that are immune or resistant to fire take full damage from such a spell.

However, if you use this ability, you can't also make the spell a "Smiting Spell" and your "Persistent Fire" ability doesn't apply to it.

Ex Silver Pyromancers

If you cease to be lawful good or willfully commit an evil act, you lose all silver pyromancer abilities (including access to paladin spells). You can't progress any further in levels as a silver pyromancer. You regain your abilities and advancement potential if you atone for your violations (see the "atonement" spell), as appropriate.

Pyromancer Characters

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