The Silver Flame

Nature: Religion
Type: Monotheism (through worshipping an abstract and ultimate concept)

Alignment: Lawful Good
Favored weapon: Longbow
Domains: Good, Law, Fire, Nobility, Protection (also most Inquisitions)

Organization: Church of the Silver Flame
Followers: The Purified

Description: The force known as the Silver Flame is an abstract, disembodied force closely associated with a once-human woman named Tira Miron. Herself now immortal, Tira (now known as the Voice of the Silver Flame) serves as the intermediary between the holy Silver Flame and the mortals who can never attain sufficient purity to communicate with the Silver Flame directly.

The Church of the Silver Flame is dedicated to protecting the common people against supernatural forces of evil, and thus it attracts a great number of paladins to its cause. Archery is an important tradition within the church, because it allows the common people to strike back at evil and oppression while remaining at a sensibly safe distance. Followers of the Silver Flame believe in honor in battle, but there’s no call to be stupid about it.

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