Item Cost
Ammunition +2 gp
per item
Light weapon +20 gp
1-handed wpn +90 gp
2-handed wpn +180 gp
1/2 double wpn +90 gp
Double weapn +180 gp
Nature: Equipment
Type: Special Material

While much folklore is very clear on the fact that silver weapons are required in order to effectively combat and slay certain monsters, the fact remains that silver is far too soft and unsuitable a metal to make actually useful weapons out of.

When today's arms salesmen and adventurers refer to weapons of "silver", they usually mean "Alchemical Silver". This is a complex process involving mettalurgy and chemistry that bonds a layer of silver onto a weapon made of steel. In this way it is still hardy enough to still be harmful, yet also silvery enough to exploit a target't weakness towards that metal.

Material Traits

●Hardness 8
●10 HP per inch of thickness
●The alchemical silvering process can't be applied to non-metal items
●It also doesn't work on rare metals (f.ex adamantine, cold iron, mithril, etc)

Silver Weapons

●These weapons can bypass the Damage Reduction (DR) of creatures such as lycanthropes and devils.
●Successful attacks with a silvered Slashing or Piercing weapon get a –1 penalty on the damage roll (minimum 1 damage).

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