Siberys - The Dragon Above

Nature: Progenitor Wyrm

Legend holds that Siberys was one of the three great dragons who created the universe in the beginning, before he was killed by his sister, Khyber.

Scattered across the dark void, his scales became the stars in the sky. The oldest of faiths consider them holy, and found their gods among the constellations they form.

At night you can see, far above the sky, a ring of golden crystal shards, slowly orbiting the world. This is known as "The Ring of Siberys", for the stories claim that this is what remains of his body. From time to time some of it will fall to the ground beneath, and by now there are vast deposits to be found. These are known as Siberys Dragonshards, and are much sought-after.

Where his blood rained down on the world below, the body of his sister Eberron, it came alive, thus creating the first dragons. As it struck the clouds it gave birth to the silver dragons, and where it fell upon the snow it gave rise to the white dragons. Siberys' blood that rained down upon the swamps caused the black dragons to crawl forth, and those places where it impacted fire and lava awoke the first red dragons.

According to mythology all the races of the True Dragons (both the Metallic and the Chromatic dragons) came to be in this way, and this is the basis of their claim to being the first and oldest inhabitants of this world. As the direct children of Siberys and Eberron, the last creation they made together, they supposedly ruled the lands and seas long before any other sentient creatures arose to challenge them.

Some of this blood did not rain down upon his sister, though, and yet this still awoke to life in the end. Thus were born the couatls, cousins of the dragons, born from Siberys alone. They were truly immortal, never growing old or sick, and they were reborn again after death if they were ever slain. But there could also never be more of them, for no new couatls were ever born, only existing ones returned to life again.

Finally, his life and soul washed out across the fabric of the cosmis, becoming the force of magic which permeates everything. The story says that this is the reason why magical powers are so widely available to all races, if they only know how to access it, and why the dragons are known as the most inherently magical of all creatures, as they are born of the blood of magic itself.

It is believed that Siberys Dragonmarks are somehow related to him, but the truth of the matter remains a mystery. It is known, however, that Siberys Dragonshards have the unique property of magnifying the power of dragonmarks.

Unlike his siblings there are few who worship Siberys, for he is long gone, but he is still remembered and held in high esteem.

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