Ship's Towers

Nature: Location
Type: Waterfront district in Sharn
Ward: Cliffside (bottom of Dura)
Social: Lower class

Buildings: Temples (Kol Korran, Arawai, Boldrei, the Traveler), poor lodging (20), poor food (36), poor trades (100), poor services (140), poor residences (80), other (20).

First Impression: Most of the traffic here consists of sailors in search of entertainment. Bars, flophouses, and small shops - many of which don't bother to advertise the nature of their business - line the street, which winds precariously along the edge of a steep cliff overlooking the river.



Almost identical to Grayflood in mood and appearance, Ship’s Towers is distinguished by its southern tip. Here, buildings float upon the water. This boat town, formed of rafts, houseboats, and other watercraft of every shape and size, bobs on the water and is connected by a web of piers, gangplanks, and rope bridges.


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