Nature: Player Race
Type: Humanoid (shapechanger)



Ability Scores: +2 Dex, +2 Wis, –2 Int. Agile & intuitive, but their bestial nature detracts from reasoning ability
Size: They're Medium creatures. Normal Speed: 30 feet.
Low-Light Vision: Can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.
Animalistic: +2 racial bonus on all Acrobatics, Climb & Survival checks.

Shifting (Su): Can tap into heritage to gain short bursts of physical power.
●Activate: Free action.
Capacity: Uses per day = (1 + 1 per 2 [shifter]-type feat learned).
Duration: rounds = (3 + Con mod +1 per [shifter]-type feat learned).
If any effect increases their Constitution modifier (including some Shift Traits),
duration uses the improved value.
Effect: Body changes into an enhanced state (slightly similar to a barbarian's rage).
●Can take feats to improve this ability.
●Shifting, though related to and developed from lycanthropy, is neither an affliction nor a curse.
It isn't passed on by bites or claws, and a shifter can’t be cured. Shifting is a natural ability of the race.
Shifter Traits: All have 1 of 6 traits: Characteristics that manifest themselves when shifting.
●Each trait gives +2 to one Physical Ability Score (Str, Dex, or Con) while shifting.
●Each trait also grants another specific advantage, as listed below.
Shifter Feats: ●All [shifter]-type feats have ''shifter'' as prerequisite.
●Each [Shifter]-type feat taken increases extends the duration of the character's shift by +1 turn.
●Every 2 [Shifter]-type feats taken lets the character use their Shifting power +1 added time per day.


Languages: Begin play speaking Common.
Those with high Int scores can choose from the following: Elven, Gnomen, Halfling, and Sylvan.
Possible Dragonmarks: None (not one of the "dragonmarked races")

See also: Shifter Feats


Shift Traits

Each shifter has one of the following special traits, which is selected when a character is created and can't be changed thereafter. All of these are Supernatural powers.
Longtooth (Su): Get +2 Str & Bite as a ''Primary'' Natural Attack, inflicting (1d6+1/4 lvls) damage
Razorclaw (Su): Get +2 Str & 2 Claws as ''Primary'' Natural Attacks, (1d4+1/4 lvls) damage each.
Longstride (Su): Get +2 Dex & +20 feet to Base (land) Speed.
Cliffwalk (Su): Get +2 Dex & Climb Speed 20 feet (which includes the +8 racial bonus on Climb checks that having a climb speed normally grants).
Beasthide (Su): Get +2 Con & +2 Natural Armor. bonus to AC.
Wildhunt (Su): Get +2 Con & ''Scent'' ability. Can detect approaching foes, sniff out hidden foes & track by sense of smell. Can identify familiar odors just as a human does familiar sights.

Even after their shifting has ended, a wildhunt shifter who was in the process of tracking a specific target with the help of their enhanced sense gets a +2 bonus on Survival checks to continue this one task for 1 hour per Con modifier, due to the lingering effects of the ''scent'' ability.




Shifters, sometimes called “the weretouched,” are descended from humans and natural lycanthropes, now nearly extinct on Khorvaire. Shifters cannot fully change shape but can take on animalistic features — a state they call shifting. Shifters have evolved into a unique race that breeds true. They have a distinct culture with its own traditions and identity.

Personality: The personality and behavior of shifters are influenced by their animal natures. Many are boorish and crude, while others are quiet, shifty, and solitary. Just as most lycanthropes are carnivores, shifters have a predatory personality and think of most activities in terms of hunting and prey. They view survival as a challenge, striving to be self-reliant, adaptable, and resourceful.

Physical Description: Shifters are basically humanoid in shape, but their bodies are exceptionally lithe. They often move in a crouched posture, springing and leaping while their companions walk normally alongside. Their faces have a bestial cast, with wide, flat noses, large eyes and heavy eyebrows, pointed ears, and long sideburns (in both sexes). Their forearms and lower legs grow long hair, and the hair of their heads is thick and worn long.


Relations: Many races feel uncomfortable around shifters, the same way they feel around any large predator. Of course, some grow to appreciate individual shifters despite their natural aversion, and hobbits in general get along well with them. For their part, shifters are accustomed to distrust and don’t expect better treatment from members of the other races, although some shifters try to earn respect and companionship through acts and deeds.

Alignment: Shifters are usually chaotic neutral, viewing the struggle to survive as more important than moral or ethical concerns about how survival is maintained.

Shifter Lands: Shifters have no land of their own. Being descended from human stock, they live in human lands. Unlike changelings, however, shifters often live in rural areas away from the crowded spaces of the cities. They are most commonly encountered in the Eldeen Reaches and other remote areas that can be found in all the nations. Many shifters earn their way as trappers, hunters, fishers, trackers, guides, and military scouts.

Religion: Most shifters incline toward the druid-based religion of the Eldeen Reaches, believing in the divine power of the earth itself, the elements, and the creatures of the earth. Those shifters who revere the pantheon of the Sovereign Host are drawn toward the deities Balinor and Boldrei, while other shifters follow the Traveler. Shifters rarely worship the Silver Flame.

Adventurers: Moving from the rugged, self-reliant life of a shifter trapper or hunter to an adventuring life is not a big step. Many shifters find themselves embarking on adventuring careers after something happens to disrupt their everyday routines—a monstrous incursion into their village or forest, for example, or a guide job gone sour.




They use the same names as humans, though often ones that sound rustic to city-dwellers.


Shifter Characters

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