Shavarath - the Battleground

Nature: Outer Plane

●Areas held by archons are mildly good-aligned & mildly lawful-aligned.
●Areas held by devils are mildly evil-aligned & mildly lawful-aligned.
●Areas held by demons are mildly chaotic-aligned & mildly evil-aligned.
These areas shift constantly, their borders as fluid as the tide of war.

Enhanced magic: Spells that create, enhance, or mimic weapons (like 'flame blade', 'keen edge', or 'Mage’s sword'), and spells that excite hostile emotions (like 'rage', 'heroism', or 'antipathy') are "Extended".
Impeded magic: Compulsions that calm or pacify hostile creatures, and all charms, are impeded.

Whirling blades: Creatures not native to Shavarath are subject to attack by whirling blades that travel the plane like fl ocks of birds. For every hour characters spend on the plane, they have a 70% chance of encountering a cloud of blades that attack for 2d6 rounds and then disperse. In each of those rounds, the blades attack every character, using an attack bonus of +10 and dealing 2d6 points of damage on each successful hit. The blades are treated as magic and evil-aligned weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.



Three great armies mass eternally on the barren plains of Shavarath: a celestial host of archons, an infernal regiment of devils, and a swarming horde of demons. Warfare defi nes all aspects of their existence. Alliances come and go—usually involving the devils allying with one or the other of their enemies and then breaking the alliance when the situation changes to their advantage—but the warfare never ends. Slain soldiers eventually return, usually in a lower form, but the armies of the three forces remain forever in a rough balance.

Fortresses dot the landscape, each one locked in a great siege. Every fortress eventually falls, & they all shift hands many times before finally being reduced to rubble. As one collapses, a new is built to replace it. Beyond these fortresses, the rocky & barren landscape stretches in all directions, sporadically accentuated by low hills—the only distinguishable terrain anywhere on the plane.



Coterminous: Echoes of its endless battles manifest on the Material Plane. In any area embroiled in combat, the enhanced magic and impeded magic traits of Shavarath spill onto the Material Plane. Casting an impeded spells requires a Spellcraft check (DC 15 +SL). Also, storms of whirling blades are known to appear at the sites of great battles, both past and present, when Shavarath is coterminous.

Shavarath is coterminous to the Material Plane for one year out of every thirty-six years.

Remote: No known effects manifest on the Material Plane.

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