Sharn's Welcome

Nature: Location
Type: Red light district in Sharn
Ward: Cliffside (bottom of Dura)
Social: Lower class

Buildings: Poor lodging (80), average food (20), poor food (80), poor trades (80), poor services — brothels, pawnshops, etc. (140)

First Impression: Raucous sailors stagger through the streets in groups of threes and fives, careening from tavern to bordello in search of a good time.


Catering to the carnal desires of the clientele in Cliffside, Sharn’s Welcome is rough, dirty, and a haven for crime. Bordellos abound, but customers are often robbed, sometimes beaten, and occasionally killed.


Outside the city (river)
North ▲
Grayflood district
Ship's Towers district
◄West Sharn's Welcome East► Lower Dura ward
▼ South
Mud Caves district
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