Shae Lias
Nature: Location
Type: District in Sharn (elf neighborhood)
Quarter: Northedge
Ward: Upper Northedge
Social: Upper class

Buildings: Temples (Onatar, the Undying Court), shrines (Aureon, the Undying Court), upscale lodging (5), upscale food (15), exotic trades (15), upscale trades (63), upscale services (20), upscale residences (120)

First Impression: The district is filled with beautifully sculpted statues of long-dead elves. Densewood warriors stand guard at the gates of townhouses, while statues of priests and honored elders are spread throughout plazas and open-air orchards. The residents move quietly among these statues of the dead, carrying out their daily activities with silent grace.


While naturalized elves can be found throughout Sharn, Shae Lias is a bastion for the values and traditions of the elves of Aerenal. Orchard balconies ring the neighborhood; the restaurants of the district own some of these, while others are open to the public for purposes of meditation and reflection.

In addition to serving as a residential district for Aerenal expatriates, it is a source for a wide range of elven craftwork, woodwork, and furniture. The district also includes a handful of more exotic establishments, a few of which are outlined below.

Shae Lias Locations

The Gates of Passage
The House of Repose
The Oaks
The Silver Bough
The Winding Root
The Veil of Flesh


Outside the city
North ▲
Upper Dura ward ◄West Shae Lias East► The Dragon Crypts
▼ South
Oak Towers district

Above: Nothing / empty sky
Below: High Hope (temples)
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