Nature: Creature
Type: Undead
Subtypes: Incorporeal

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: Medium
CR: 3

First Encountered: 5.2 "Two Houses, Both Alike in Dignity"

Description: "This creature seems to be nothing but a patch of mobile gloom, more or less humanoid in shape."

Information: Shadows are creatures of sentient darkness, hating life and light with equal fervor.

Their touch bestows the painful chill of nonexistence, making them very dangerous opponents.

A shadow can be difficult to see in dark or gloomy areas but stands out starkly in brightly illuminated places.

Natural enemies of all that live, shadows are aggressive and predatory.

They prefer to haunt ruins where civilization has moved on, where it hunts living creatures foolish enough to stumble into its territory.

Shadows can't speak intelligibly, but they understand Mabran, and sometimes Common.

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