Nature: Creature
Type: Plant
Subtype: Tane

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Size: Colossal
CR: 19

First Encountered: 36.2 "Snicker-Snack"

Description: "This wriggling and leafless tree moves on spidery legs. Flickering motes of blood-red lightning dance in the cracks of its bark."

A sard can pass for an old dead tree — especially when the creature uses its "tree shape" spell-like ability. Yet despite its enormous size and ungainly shape, the sard is in fact a swift and agile monster.

It can move with unsettling grace and speed, crawling across the ground on long spidery roots like an immense insect.

A sard has “sap” that consists of red lightning — all of the sard’s electrical attacks manifest with this same eerie-colored energy.

Information: The sard is an ancient elm, oak, or pine tree that has been infused with lightning and raw life by one of the strange beings who rule the fey realm of Thelanis, making it one of the legendary beasts known as the "Tane".

Sards are nearly as intelligent as most humans, but few actually use this intelligence for productive purposes — the first sards were created as a form of living siege engine, and they quite enjoy this destructive role, often seeking out fortresses or even towns to systematically destroy.

It attacks either with a single slam of its immense trunk or by launching volleys of foot-long thorns that inject the creature’s poisonous, electrified sap.

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