Salazar Severin d'Sivis

Nature: NPC
Race: Gnome
Class: Rogue
Archetype: Con Man
Dragonmark: Scribing
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Male

Notable Appearances:
3.2 "Truth That's Told With Bad Intent", where he sold art forgeries & counterfeit documentations
6.3 "Baskerville Blues", where he helped facilitate the robbery of a Daask drug lab
8.3 "Unfinished Business", where he tried to fake his death to avoid being lynched by his former victims

Information: A notorious grifter, who is always careful enough to make sure his illegal scams never break the unwritten rules for what shenanigans House Sivis will and will not tolerate. While he's more than willing to produce counterfeit money or sell someone the cleverly faked deed to a bridge or fortress, he refuses point-blank to sell Sivis-notarized identification papers. After all, doing so would mean he was directly and significantly undermining the trust and reliability of Sivis' whole business-model, at which point he'd be a threat that needed to be eliminated.

But by restricting himself to exploiting his knowledge of the system and his family-powers in ways that are acceptably illegal (from Sivis' point of view), Salazar has managed to trick a remarkable amount of money out of people. After all, he can still produce falsely notarized ID-papers for himself, which has helped him avoid all manner of legal repercussions.

While his intensely cautious (and borderline paranoid) habits have kept him one step ahead of the law, his greatest flaw thus far has been his consistent need to make a quick buck, and many of his schemes have failed because he tried to exploit a situation in order to make a bit of money out of it.

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