Nature: Country (technically more an empire, or union of states)
Continent: Sarlona


Nation Basics

Motto: "Follow the path."
Ruler: The Inspired Lords of the Unity
Capital: Durat Tal
Heraldry: The crystal seed of the Path of Inspiration contained in a red ring, set against a black field.

Area: 6,8 million square miles
Climate: Varied (see regional province descriptions)
Population: 13'878'0001
Major Cities: Dar Jin, Dar Ulatesh, Dul Catun, Dul Jhaar, Dul Zeer
Highest Point: The Crimson Peak, elevation 15'565 feet.
Founder: The Inspired



The Provinces

Ohr Kaluun


Family is downplayed in Riedra: loyalty to the nation is more important than any bond of blood. As such, Riedrans do not use surnames. If additional identification is required, a Riedran gives the name of his village or, if he lives in a bastion city, the ward he resides in.

The use of double vowels is traditional in many parts of Riedra. In he Riedran language, it is typical for both vowels to be given a distinct sound (f.ex. a Riedran pronounces "Lhazaar" as a 3-syllable word). However, most of the people of Khorvaire are unfamiliar with this custom and simply extend the vowel sound.

Male: Aan, Aleel, Bhiman, Bhalaan, Dalaan, Danan, Fuulgan, Gurhaak, Gusan, Helac, Heruun, Jharee, Jukyan, Julaan, Ilaan, Heel, Khern, Kyamun, Kyaruun, Lanan, Leel, Olaan, Oleel, Rhaak, Rhuun, Sulaan, Suyamun, Taan, Tulac, Vusgaar.

Female: Aali, Aag, Bhuji, Biir, Duaali, Dujiira, Dujyag, Gilaali, Jhaasha, Jhalaar, Jhazala, Khelaar, Khuliira, Lhazaar, Manaar, Miir, Quaali, Quush, Palaar, Praagya, Shiazala, Shiaali, Tyag, Tyalaar, Vyed, Vyuji.





Known Things

Five Things Every Riedran Knows:

1. The basic principles of the Path of Inspiration. Every Riedran knows the tale of the Unification and the underlying principles of the Path of Inspiration. Although many Riedrans are illiterate and have never read the Path, they learn the key elements through nocturnal indoctrination and from daily sermons by the priests.

2. Duty and tradition. A Riedran is expected to follow the path that is assigned to him or her without complaint or question. These roles are defined by ancient tradition, and a Riedran is always aware of the duties tied to his occupation and his place in the community.

3. The people of his community. Riedran xenophobia is offset by the strong bond within a village or neighborhood. Few secrets exist in a Riedran village - not because of gossip, but because the villagers are completely honest and open with one another. Many riedrans take 1 rank of the "Knowledge (local)" skill to reflect this bond.

4. The names of the local Inspired. The names of the Inspired lords of the local bastion are known to all the people under their protection. It is common practice to thank the Inspired (and the "il-altas") for good fortune.

5. Fearsome tales. While Riedrans rarely have concrete knowledge of other cultures, their opinions are shaped by dreams and stories. They know about the treacherous kalashtar, who are bound to demons and seek to undermine the Inspired. They know that these "altavars" hunger for innocent souls. They have even heard of the corrupt and violent people of Khorvaire, who destroyed an antire nation with war. Riedrans are thankful for the protection of the Inspired in such a dangerous world.


Riedran Speech

People are raised not to fidget, to stand perfectly still when talking. It is considered a token of respect to meet the gaze of someone you are speaking to. Riedrans never vebally interrupt a speaker, but they indicate intent with their gaze, looking down if they have a comment to make, looking to the side if they disagree with the speaker or are not interested in what he has to say. The degree of motion is as expressive as tone of voice. Thus, Riedrans ofen maintain an outward appearance of calm, but a sharp turn of the head can be the same as a yell.

The following turns of phrase are uniquely Riedran:

"Follow the Path." - The most basic maxim of the Path of Inspiration; also used as a polite form of farewell.

"The fish does not seek to fly." - A proverb encouraging the listener to accept the life he has been given and learn from lessons set before him; often said when someone suggests change.

"Gold is the tongue of the altavar." - A maxim against greed or any other form of temptation; a warning that anything that could pull a Riedran from the Path is likely to be the work of evil spirits.

"No one is alone." - A reassurance, a reminder that a Riedran always has his community, the menally broadcast "Voice", and the Inspired behind him or her; as warning, a reminder that the Thousand Eyes is always watching.

"Lesson of (pain/grief/anger/joy)." - A reserved way to express emotion about a situation, whether frustration or pleasure. Whether good or bad, everything is a lesson.

"Dark spirits!" or "Altavar!" - An aggressive statement of frustration - one that is discouraged in daily use.


Known Riedrans

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