Nature: Maneuver
Type: Standard action.

An attempt to force a foe move to a different position in relation to your location without doing any harm.

●Initiating a reposition provokes an Attack of Opportunity (AoO) from the target of your maneuver.
Maneuver succeeds: You can move your target 5 feet to a new location.
●For every 5 by which the roll exceeds Maneuver Defense, you can move the target an additional +5 feet.
●The target must remain within your reach at all times during this movement,
except for the final 5 ft of movement, which can be to a space adjacent to your reach.

●You can't use this maneuver to move a foe into a space that is intrinsically dangerous, such as a pit or "wall of fire".
●You can't move a creature into a square that is occupied by a solid object or obstacle.
●You can't reposition an opponent who is more than 1 size category larger than you.

●A target moved by a reposition doesn't provoke an AoO because of that movement
(unless you have the "Greater Reposition" feat).

●Those with the "Improved Reposition" Feat don't provoke an AoO from repositioning an opponent
(and also get +2 on the reposition check, and defending against being repositioned).

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