Sovereign%20Host%20-%20Octogram%2002.png Silver%20Flame%2C%20The%2002.png Path%20of%20Light%2C%20The%2002.png Undying%20Court%2002.png Becoming%20God.png
Sovereign Host Silver Flame Path of Light Undying Court Becoming God
Dark%20Six%20-%20Hexagram%2001.png Path%20of%20Inspiration%2C%20The.png Dreaming%20Dark%2C%20The%2001.png Blood%20of%20Vol%2002.png Dragon%20Below%2C%20The%2001.png
Dark Six Path of Inspiration Dreaming Dark Blood of Vol Dragon Below
Green%20Faith%2C%20The.png Sect%20-%20Gatekeepers%2001.png Sect%20-%20Wardens%2004.png Sect%20-%20Ashbound%2001.png Sect%20-%20Children%20of%20Winter%2004.png Sect%20-%20Greensingers%2002.png
Wardens of
the Wood
of Winter


RELIGION AL Favored wpn Clerical Domains
The Sovereign Host NG Longsword Combined lists of all deities in the pantheon
The Dark Six NE Kama Combined lists of all deities in the pantheon
The Silver Flame LG Longbow Good, Law, Fire, Nobility, Protection
The Undying Court NG Scimitar Good, Healing, Knowledge, Protection, Repose
The Spirits of the Past CN Double Scimitar Destruction, Glory, Repose, Strength, War
The Blood of Vol LE Dagger Evil, Law, Death, Luck, Magic
The Path of Light LN Unarmed Strike Law, Knowledge, Protection, Psionics, Sun
The Path of Inspiration LN Flail Law, Community, Nobility, Protection
The Dreaming Dark LE Mind Blade Evil, Law, Darkness, Madness, Psionics
The Becoming God TN Slam / Gauntlet Artifice, Strength, Rune, Travel, Warforged*
Cults o.t. Dragon Below CE Heavy Pick Chaos, Evil, Darkness, Dragon, Earth, Madness, Void

(* = setting-specific domain)

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