Nature: Prestige Class

If the Warforged Juggernaut is the ultimate expression of the warforged as a warrior construct, the reforged represent the realized ideal of the race’s living aspects.

Warforged take up this path to gain an identity as something other than destructive machines and to heighten their experiences of the world. With the force of their personalities, reforged alter their forms, embracing insight and emotion in order to celebrate their living nature.


Race: Warforged
Skills: Craft or Profession 5 ranks, Sense Motive 3 ranks

Class Traits

Hit Dice: d10. Skill Ranks: 4 + Int mod.
BaB: Medium. High Saves: Will.
Class Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Diplomacy,
Heal, Perception, Perform, Sense Motive.

Level Progression

lvl Class Features
1 ●Extroverted ●Natural Healing
2 ●Reforged Insight ●Magical Healing
3 ●Embrace Emotion ●Final Reforging


Class Features

1.Extroverted (Ex): Gain a bonus = (+2 per Prestige Class level) to Bluff, Diplomacy, Perform & Sense Motive checks.

1.Natural Healing (Ex): You rid yourself of lethal damage, nonlethal damage and ability damage by resting, just like other living creatures do. Likewise, you heal faster when you have complete bed rest and when a character uses the Heal skill to put you under long-term care.

2.Reforged Insight (Ex): Gain a +2 insight bonus on Wisdom checks and Wisdom-based skill checks.

2.Magical Healing (Ex): Gain full benefit of any magical healing applied to you (rather than 1/2 benefit of such effects, as warforged usually do).

3.Embrace Emotion (Ex): Any time you are subject to an effect that grants you a morale bonus, that bonus is increased by +3 (technically +1 per level in this Prestige Class).

3.Final Reforging: You undergo a dramatic physical transformation, often described as a reforging or birth. You lose any warforged feats you have, undergoing a consistent physical change (losing any composite plating, armor spikes, metal tracery, and so forth) and losing the ability to use warforged Components (any components you have installed are automatically detached).

In exchange, you gain an equal number of bonus feats in place of the lost feats, gain "Unarmored Body" as an additional bonus feat (ignoring the 1st level only prerequisite), and any 1 additional bonus feat. You can choose any feats you qualify for as your replacement-feats, even (most) "1st-lvl only" ones.

Beyond game mechanics, the character now experiences perceptions much more like a living being does, tasting, touching, hearing and feelings the world more deeply and vivivdly, and in general feels more like a living being than before. He can eat and drink properly now (though he still doesn't require it), and perform other biological functions as GM decides.

Reforged Characters

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