HP 210 (300) 15d12+3d10+90
Base A. B. +17/+12/ +7/ +2
(+33/ 28/ 23/ 18)
Ranged A. +16/+11/ +6/ +1
Maneuver +28 (33)
Armor Class +21 (19)
Touch AC +3 (+1)
Flat-footed +21 (19)
Maneuver +31 (36)

ABILITY trait mod
Strength 33 (42) +11 (16)
Dexterity 8 –1
Constitution 21 (30) +5 (10)
Intelligence 8 –1
Wisdom 6 –2
Charisma 5 –3
Fortitude +15 (+20)
Reflex +5
Will +5 (+11)
SKILL Roll Calculating
Acrobatics +10 dex –1 +rank 10 +class 3 –armor 2
Bluff +7 cha –3 +rank 1 +class 3 +PrC 6
Climb +13 str 11 +rank 1 +class 3 –armor 2
+10 int –1 +rank 8 +class 3
Diplomacy +7 cha –3 +rank 1 +class 3 +PrC 6
Heal +10 wis –2 +rank 7 +class 3 +PrC 2
Intimidate +5 cha –3 +rank 5 +class 3
Perception +10 wis –2 +rank 7 +class 3 +PrC 2
+5 wis –2 +rank 5 +PrC 2
+12 wis –2 +rank 3 +class 3 +PrC 8
Stealth +15 dex –1 +rank 13 –armor 2
+item 5
Swim +13 str 11 +rank 1 +class 3 –armor 2
PERFORM Roll Calculating
Dance +10 cha –3 +rank 4 +class 3 +PrC 6
Song +7 cha –3 +rank 1 +class 3 +PrC 6
KNOWLEDGE Roll Calculating
Nature +3 int –1 +rank 1 +class 3
Nobility +0 int –1 +rank 1

While "Unbound" Armor is active:

Size: Large (-4 stealth, +4 intimidate, -2 fly)
HP: 246 (336)

Str: 37 (+13), or 46 (+18) in rage
Con: 25 (+7), or 34 (+12) in rage
Dex: 6 (-2)

AC: +21 (19 in rage)
Space/Reach: 10/10 ft
Defenses: DR 5/lawful

Melee Attack: +29/+24/+19/+14
or +34/+29/+24/+19 in rage

Checks: +31 (36)
Defense: +33 (38)

Scythe Damage: (2d6 +20),
or (2d6 +28 +1d6 energy) during rage

Nature: Player Character
Player: (anyone)
User: Lankin the Mad MageLankin the Mad Mage

Race: Warforged
Origins: Cyre
Religion: The Becoming God

Class: Barbarian 15 / Reforged 3
Archetype: Armored Hulk
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Gender Identity: Female
Age: 8 years old
Head: Smooth & skull-like
Ghulra: Jagged & spiky
Eyes: Glowing ominously red
Height: 6 feet, 9 inches
Weight: 340 pounds
Body: Remarkably thin for her weight
Almost "bony", bordering on skeletal
Clothing: Black hooded robe,
concealing her body as much as possible
Oher traits: Grim
Languages: Common


Model designed very late in the production run, a high-quality and extremely expensive prototype fashioned with adamantine rather than more common metals. The incredible resilience of the material meant that the body could be much less bulky, and so was shaped to be more sleek and organic-looking, as the Cyrean designer wanted to try something new. The result was slightly unfortunate, as it made the warforged very creepy, and almost skeletal in appearance. This has made her rather self-conscious and embarrased about her looks, covering herself in a voluminous black and hooded robe as much as she can.

The fact that she tended to freak people out (despite being intended to be more human-seeming & relatable) meant that she never had much chance to develop social skills in her formative period, becoming a bit of a loner. This only got worse after the Day of Mourning happened and all biological life in the land was killed off, leaving her to wander the wasteland alone. When she eventually met other warforged roaming the wastes, she latched on to their nomadic community, adopting their religion like a starving man wolfs down food.

●Not be a monster
●Find purpose/god -> be reborn .

●Accidentally harming innocents
●Explosions & sudden catastrophes


●Playing hockey
●Gardening & parks
●Destroying problems .

●Her monstrous appearance
●Meals & feasts
●Reckless experimenters


Class Abilities

Proficiencies: ●All simple & martial weapons, ●All armor types, ●shields

1.Indomitable Stance (Ex):
●Gets a +1 bonus on Maneuver checks & Maneuver Defense for the ''overrun'' maneuver.
●Gets a +1 bonus on Reflex saves against ''trample'' attacks.
●Gets a +1 bonus to AC vs ''charge'' attacks & on attack & damage rolls vs charging creatures.

2.Armored Swiftness (Ex): If wearing medium or heavy armor, can move 5 feet faster than normal, to a max = normal Spd for race.

3.Resilience of Steel (Ex): If wearing heavy or medium armor, gets bonus = (1/3 barbarian lvls) = +5 to AC against critical hit confirmation rolls.

5.Improved Armored Swiftness (Ex): Land speed is faster than the norm for her race by +10 feet. Applies when wearing any armor, including heavy armor, but not while carrying a heavy load. Apply this bonus before modifying her speed because of any load carried or armor worn. This bonus stacks with any other bonuses to the barbarian’s land speed.

Final Effective Speed: 35 feet (20 from armor, +5 from armored swiftness, +10 from improved AS)

7/10/13.Damage Reduction: Gets DR 3 /–.

1.Extroverted (Ex): Gain a bonus = (+2 per PrC lvl) = +6 bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Perform & Sense Motive checks.

1.Natural Healing (Ex): You rid yourself of lethal damage, nonlethal damage and ability damage by resting, just like other living creatures do. Likewise, you heal faster when you have complete bed rest and when a character uses the Heal skill to put you under long-term care.

2.Reforged Insight (Ex): Gain a +2 insight bonus on Wisdom checks and Wisdom-based skill checks.

2.Magical Healing (Ex): Gain full benefit of any magical healing applied to you (rather than 1/2 benefit of such effects, as warforged usually do).

3.Embrace Emotion (Ex): Any time you are subject to an effect that grants you a morale bonus,
that bonus is increased by +3 (technically +1 per level in this Prestige Class).

3.Final Reforging: Get "Unarmored Body" as Bonus Feat, replace inappropriate feats with new feats,
and get +1 additional Bonus Feat of your choice.


Raging: (2 + Con mod + 2 per Barbarian lvl) = 37 rounds per day.
●Can enter rage as a Free action, but only once per turn.
●Rounds of rage per day is renewed after resting for 8 hours,
although these hours do not need to be consecutive.
●Can end rage as a Free action.
●Is fatigued after rage, for nr of rounds = 2x (rounds just spent in rage).
●Can't enter a new rage while fatigued or exhausted.
●If falls unconscious, rage immediately ends.

Rage Effects:
●+4 morale bonus to Str & Con
●+2 morale bonus on Will saves
●–2 penalty to Armor Class
●Can't use any Cha-, Dex-, or Int-based skills
(except Acrobatics, Fly, Intimidate, and Ride),
●Can't use abilities that require patience or concentration
●Any "Rage Powers" the character knows become available

Greater Rage: Increases bonuses gained from rage.
●+6 morale bonus to Str & Con
●+3 morale bonus on Will saves

Reforged: All "Morale" bonuses are increased by +3 due to "Reforged" prestige class.
Final Result:
●+9 morale bonus to Str & Con
●+6 morale bonus on Will saves

Indomitable Will: While in rage, character gets a +4 bonus on Will saves to resist Enchantment spells & effects. This bonus stacks with all other modifiers, including the morale bonus on Will saves they already receive from being in rage.

Rage Powers

2.Knockdown: ●Can make a "Trip" attack against 1 target in place of a melee attack.
●If successful, the target takes dmg = (barbarian's Str mod) = 16 dmg, & is knocked prone.
Doesn't provoke Attack of Opportunity. ●Limit: Only once per rage.

4.Surprise Accuracy: Can boost 1 attack roll by (1 +1/4 lvl) = +4 morale bonus.
●Used as a Swift action before attack roll is made. ●Limit: Only once per rage.
Magic Item: Lets you use this power after having rolled the attack.

6.Deadly Accuracy: If "surprise accuracy" is used & attack is a critical threat,
the roll to confirm the critical hit gets a bonus = (2x "surprise accuracy") = +8 bonus.

14.Lethal Accuracy: When using ''surprise accuracy'', character's critical multiplier on attacks increases by +1.

×2 multiplier ► ×3 multiplier
(19–20/×2) ► (19–20/×3)
×3 multiplier ► ×4 multiplier
×4 multiplier ► ×5 multiplier

8.Lesser Elemental Rage: As a Swift action, the barbarian can cause their melee attacks
to deal extra +1d6 energy damage (acid, cold, electricity, or fire) for 1 round. Limit: Once per rage.

10.Basic Elemental Rage: ●While raging, all the barbarian's melee attacks deal an additional +1d6 energy damage.
●The energy type (acid, cold, electricity, or fire) is chosen when the barbarian begins their rage.
●The character can still use the ''lesser elemental rage'' power while using this rage power (for a total of +2d6 dmg).
●If they want to use both, they must select different energy types for the two powers.

12.Greater Elemental Rage: While raging, all the barbarian's critical hits made with melee weapons deal additional +1d10 energy damage (2d10 if weapon deals ×3 dmg on a crit, 3d10 if weapon deals ×4 on a crit). This damage has same type as chosen for the ''elemental rage'' power.

Racial Abilities



15B.Unarmored Body: You lose the normal +2 armor bonus and light fortification common to warforged characters, but you have no inherent chance of arcane spell failure and can wear armor or magic robes and gain their full effects.
Your body doesn't contain any more metal than a normal tree does, making you unaffected by rust effects and other metal-specific problems.

3.Power Attack:
●Can choose to take a –1 penalty on all melee attack rolls & Maneuver checks to get a +2 bonus on all melee damage rolls.
●When BaB reaches +4, and every +4 BaB thereafter, the penalty increases by –1 & the damage bonus increases by +2.
●You must choose to use this feat before making an attack roll, and its effects last until your next turn.

●Damage bonus is increased by half (+50%) when making an attack with a 2-handed weapon, a 1-handed weapon wielded in two hands, or a primary natural weapon that adds 1.5 times your Str modifier to damage.
●Damage bonus is halved (–50%) if you're making an attack with an off-hand weapon or secondary natural weapon.
●Damage bonus doesn't apply to touch attacks or effects that don't deal HP damage.

Result: Can take –5 on melee attacks to get +10 to damage (+15 if using scythe or slam attack), for 1 round.

●As a Standard action, you can make 1 single attack at your full BaB against a foe within reach.
If you hit: You deal damage normally & can make +1 additional attack
(using full BaB) against a foe that's adjacent to the first & also within reach.
●You can only make 1 additional attack per round with this feat.
●When you use this feat, you take a –2 penalty to your AC until your next turn.
Magic Weapon: Lets you make a 3rd attack, on a new target, if the 2nd attack also hits.

7.Surprise Follow-Through: When using "Cleave" or "Great Cleave",
the 2nd foe you attack on your turn is denied their Dexterity bonus against you.

●Can add +5 feet to the Reach of your melee attacks
●Lasts until the end of your turn
●When you use this feat, you take a –2 penalty to your AC until your next turn.
●Must decide to use this feat before any attacks are made.
Magic Item: 3 times per day, can use this feat without getting the AC penalty.

11.Improved Bull Rush: ●Attempting a Bull Rush maneuver doesn't provoke AoO.
●Gets +2 on Maneuver Bonus & Maneuver Defense when it applies to Bull Rush.

1R.Improved Overrun: ●Attempting an Overrun maneuver doesn't provoke AoO.
●Gets +2 on Maneuver Bonus & Maneuver Defense when it applies to Overrun.

13.Greater Overrun:
●Whenever you overrun targets, they provoke Attacks of Opportunity if they're knocked prone by your maneuver.
●Also, you get a +2 bonus on checks made to overrun a foe. This bonus stacks with the bonus from ''Improved Overrun''.

15.Charge Through:
●When making a charge, you can try to overrun 1 creature in the path of the charge as a Free action.
●If you successfully overrun that creature, you can complete the charge.
●If the overrun is not successful, the charge ends in the space directly in front of that creature.

15B.Raging Throw: If you attempt a "bull rush" Maneuver while using Rage,
you can spend +1 extra round of your Rage as a Swift action to add your Con bonus to the Maneuver check = +10 bonus.

Further, if you bull rush an opponent into a square that another creature occupies or into a solid object,
the victim & the creature or item crashed into both take bludgeoning damage = (Str mod +Con mod) = 26 damage.

17.Critical Focus: Get a +4 bonus on rolls to confirm a critical hit.

(B = Bonus Feats) (R = Replacement feats)


Scythe: 2-hand melee. Dmg: 2d4+17 (+25,+1d6 energy)(+1d6). Crit: 19-20 / x4 (+3d10). Traits: Trip, Adamantine, +1, Keen & Cleaving
Slam: natural weapon. Dmg: 1d4+16 (+24,+1d6 energy)(+1d6). Crit: x2 (+1d10). Traits: "Primary" attack
Shield Bash: light wpn.Dmg: 1d3+16 (+21,+1d6 energy)(+1d6). Crit: x2 (+1d10). Traits: Mithril, Ramming, +5 "weapon" (effectively).

Quickdraw Shield: light shield. AC: +1. Penalty: -0. Traits: Mithril, +5 shield, Ramming
Full Plate: "medium" armor. AC: +9. Max dex: +3. Penalty: –2. Spd: 20 ft.
Traits: Mithril, +1, Shadow, Light Fortification, Glamered, Unbound

"Ramming" shield: ●When the wielder makes a "shield bash" attack as part of a charge,
the shield's (enhancement bonus to AC) applies to attack & damage rolls.
●This doesn't stack with any existing attack-enhancement the shield has.

●If the attack hits, the wielder can make a "bull rush" Maneuver against that target as a Swift action.
●This adds both the +2 bonus for charging & the shield's enhancement bonus to the Maneuver check.

Headband of Havoc: ●Each time you Rage, choose 1 of your Rage Powers.
During this rage, that power functions as if you had +4 more barbarian levels.

●Once per day when attacked or has to make a saving throw against a hostile effect,
you can spend 2 rounds of rage to enter a Rage as an Immediate action.
This Rage becomes active before resolving the assault that triggered it,
and lasts until the start of your next turn, at which time you may choose to
continue the Rage as if you had begun it in the normal way.

Bracers of Attack Reflexes: (slot: wrist) The wearer can choose to use the ''surprise accuracy'' rage power
after the attack has been rolled, as long as it's before the GM informs the player of the result.

Swordmaster's Shirt: (slot: chest) If wearer has the "Lunge" feat,
they can use that feat 3 times per day without taking the normal –2 penalty to AC.

Umbrella of the Wind: After unfolding the umbrella, the wielder is affected by the "glide" spell for as long as they're holding it properly. Activating it like this is a Move action if the umbrella is already being 'wielded'.

Note: Reaper has had this item custom-installed into her scythe.

Flawed red thorny ioun stone: Gives +2 competence bonus on Bull Rush maneuver checks,
but also inflicts a –2 penalty on Maneuver Defense against Bull Rush attempts.

Flawed silver thorny ioun stone: Gives +2 competence bonus on Overrun maneuver checks,
but also inflicts a –2 penalty on Maneuver Defense against Overrun attempts.

Belt of Sturdy Strength: Gives +6 Strength & +4 Constitution while worn.
Amulet of Natural Armor: (slot: neck) Adds +4 to AC
Ring of Protection: (slot: ring #1) Get +4 deflection bonus to AC
Manual of Bodily Health: (expended) Gives +1 permanent increase to Constitutuon.
Manual of Gainful Exercise: (expended) Gives +4 permanent increase to Strength.

Potion of Repair Light Damage: (x3) Restores 1d8+1 lost HP to a construct
Potion of Cure Light Wounds: A living creature is healed of 1d8+1 damage (1/2 if living construct)

Warforged Repair Kit: Containing a variety of organic and inorganic materials (much like the warforged themselves) and specialized tools, this kit grants a +2 circumstance bonus on her Craft (weaponry) checks made to repair damage to a warforged

●First aid Kit
●Ballet shoes (child-sized)

Wealth: 34'378 gp


Character Sheet

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