Nature: Location
Type: District in Sharn (apartment townhomes)
Ward: Middle Dura
Social: Lower class

Buildings: Aver age residences (40), poor residences (220)

First Impression: The housing towers in this district are packed with people. The district shows its age. Cobblestones are cracked or missing, and the worn stone walls have been marred by time and vandalism. However, the people seem cheerful enough despite the squalid conditions.


The inhabitants of Rattlestone are poor, but most have jobs of one sort or another in the Bazaar. Many of the Watch patrols that protect this district are made up of native Rattlestoners. In comparison to most members of the Dura Watch, the Rattlestone guards are more likely to risk life and limb to protect the people of the district. But this doesn’t apply to strangers, outsiders, or adventurers, and members of the Watch may actually help the local pickpockets and charlatans carry out their scams.


Stormhold district
North ▲
Outside city (river) ◄West Rattlestone East► Middle Menthis ward
▼ South
Kenton district (Tavick's Landing)

Above: Highhold
Below: The Stores
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