Zakya Generals 7
Hakima Sorcerers 10
Naztharune Rogues/Spies 12
Ak'chazar Necromancers 15
Prakhutu Speakers 21+
Rajah Overlords

Nature: Race of creatures
Type: Outsider
Class: Fiends
Subtypes: Shapechanger, Native
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Allegiance: Lords of Dust
World: Eberron, the Material Plane


The rakshasa is an evil spirit that cloaks itself in the guise of a humanoid creature that it might walk unseen among its prey. They embody what is taboo among most societies, and in the shape of those it seeks to defile, a rakshasa gorges itself on these hideous acts. Were they human, these acts of cannibalism, blasphemy, and worse would mark them as criminals condemned to the cruelest of hells.

A closer look at a rakshasa in its true form reveals their most distinct trait: that the palms of their hands are where the backs of the hand would be on a human, so their fingers bend the "wrong" way. While this doesn’t detract from their manual dexterity, it makes a rakshasa look very disturbing to those unfamiliar with these creatures.


While demons and devils may be the "outsiders" who are born of the various hell-dimensions, the rakshasa are the fiends born from the depths of Khyber, the Dragon Below, and so "belong" in the mortal world in ways that the other fiends never will.

Rakshasas once dominated Khorvaire and Sarlona, and indeed most of Eberron in their days of ascendancy. Their greatest overlords, the Rajahs, were defeated 100 thousand years ago by the combined force of the dragons of Argonessen and the couatls of Xen'drik, to be bound and trapped in Khyber.


The servants of these fallen rajahs — rakshasas calling themselves the Lords of Dust — scheme in the shadows of Khorvaire. Some seek to free their imprisoned rajahs; others simply look for a way to gain their masters’ power for their own.

The rakshasa race includes not only the Hakimas (or Raksha, the sorcerer-lords, the most well-known breed) and the nearly divine Rajahs, but also warriors, spies, and more.

Known Rakshasas

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