Rakshasa Rajah (Overlords)

Nature: Creature
Type: Outsider
Subtype: Rakshasa

Alignment: Any Evil
Challenge Rating: ca 50-60+

These are the archfiends who lead all other raksha. Spirits of immense power, second only to the progenitor wyrms themselves. However, they aren't actual gods (but for many, they're close enough).


For untold millennia during the First Age, the dragons were the sole lords of Eberron. Then a new threat emerged. Khyber, the Dragon Below, was bound in the depths of the world, but this did not eliminate the dark progenitor's power. In time, a host of horrors spawned from her depths. Rakshasas, aboleths, and other terrors emerged to lay claim to the world above. The greatest were the Rajahs, archfiends with such power that they could almost be called gods. Scattered and wild, the dragons and other mortal races were no match for the Rajahs, the Overlords of Khyber.


After the mighty fiends consolidated their hold on the surface world, they ruled over a nightmare kingdom for hundreds of thousands of years, until the greatest overlords were finally defeated. One hundred thousand years ago the dragons of Argonessen and the couatls of Siberys combined forces to defeat these archfiends, with the mightiest among them bound by the Silver Flame to be trapped in deepest Khyber forever.

The weaker spirits slipped through the net, however. The servants of these fallen rajahs — rakshasas calling themselves the Lords of Dust — scheme in the shadows of Khorvaire (and all the other continents too, for that matter). Some seek to free their imprisoned rajahs; others simply look for a way to gain their masters’ power for their own.


There are rumoured to be around 30 of the Overlords, but exact numbers are difficult because we only have fragments of myth and legends from a hundred millennia ago, and each of the rajahs has a number of titles and appelations that are used more often than its name. Knowing how many of these titles are in reality the same entity involves a fair bit of guesswork.


These fiends collectively ruled all lesser spirits & mortals during the dawn of time, but each Rajah is a unique and individual being, not simply an advanced raksha or member of a race with a shared statblock.

Despite their vast power, or perhaps because of it, the Rajahs were careless and overconfident, leading to their ultimate defeat. Today, they linger in a state of torpor. They perceive reality through vague, dreamlike visions, as seen through the eyes of their most powerful servant. Even bound, they can affect the region around their prison.

A Rajah isn't consciously scheming - but should he wake, he would have a general sense of the state of the world and his servants, and he would expect them to bow to his authority, and for the lowly mortals to prostrate themselves before him.

Each Rajah has 1 particular rakshasa with a close bond to the Overlord, and these individuals are known as "prakhutu" (or "speakers").

Known Rajahs

Sul Khatesh, the Keeper of Secrets
lawful, female rajah
Levels: Wizard 36 / Archmage 4 (CL 40, knows all arcane spells, etc)
Domains: Magic, Knowledge
Prakhutu: Hektula, the Bloody Scribe.
The mistress of arcane might and mystery.

Rak Tulkhesh, the Rage of War
neutral, male rajah
Levels: Fighter 15 / Antipaladin 10 / Cleric 15
Domains: Destruction, War
Prakhutu: Mordakhesh, the Shadowsword
The embodiment of rage, war, and hatred.

Eldrantulku, the Oathbreaker
chaotic, male rajah
Levels: Rogue 15 / Sorcerer 15 / Mindbender 10
Domains: Corruption, Trickery
Prakhutu: Kashtarhak, the Voice of Chaos
The spirit of discord, turning allies into enemies

Tul Oreshka, the Truth in the Darkness
chaotic, female rajah
Levels: Investigator (non-sleuth) 20 / Wizard 10 / Loremaster 10
Domains: Madness, Darkness/Shadow
The keeper of truths and madness, especially knowledge that would drive you insane.

Katashka, the Gatekeeper
lawful, male rajah
Levels: Cleric 15 / Necromancer 15 / Mystic theurge 10
Domains: Death, Undeath
The overlord of life and death, and the creator of the first undead.

Bel Shalor, the Shadow in the Flame
Prakhutu: Durastoran the Wyrmbreaker
A rajah who almost escaped, but was stopped by Tira Miron and was trapped within the Silver Flame.

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