Radiant Idol

Nature: Creature
Type: Outsider
Subtype: Native (formerly Angel)
World: Originally Syrania, currently Eberron

Alignment: Usually Lawful Evil
Size: Large
CR: 11

First Encountered: 21.2 "But If It Should Be Ended Twice"

Description: "This creature is a beautiful humanoid, standing about 9 feet tall and glowing with an inner light. Bloody stumps that might once have been wings jut awkwardly from its back, marring its otherwise perfect beauty."

Information: A radiant idol is an angel that has been banished from the heaven of Syrania and condemned to spend eternity among the mortals on the Material Plane. Not all radiant idols are evil, and none are as thoroughly corrupt as the fiends of the lower planes.

Their greatest sin, as a rule, is the desire to be worshiped by the humanoids they consider lesser beings, and most gather cults of devoted humanoid followers on the mortal plane — thus giving rise to their common name.

Once banished to the Material Plane, a radiant idol attempts to establish itself as a deity with a specific portfolio — god of fire, perhaps, or god of destruction. The specific activities of its cult are related to its portfolio, and its spell-like abilities depend on its portfolio as well. To represent its portfolio, each radiant idol chooses a single cleric domain.

Sharn's manifest zone linked to Syrania draws a relatively large population of radiant idols to the city. Even so, there are probably not more than a half-dozen of them in Sharn at any given time.

Blood Oath: A radiant idol has the ability to perform a ritual of initiation that binds cult members to its service. The ritual forges a magical, mental bond between the idol and those mortals who participate. It requires 24 hours of preparation, during which time the idol must meditate and ready a room in which the ritual will take place.

The blood oath gives the radiant idol a measure of control over its cultists, letting them know where they are, spy on them from afar, torture them with pure pain at will, or even snuff out their lives whenever it feels like it.

Flightless: A radiant idol cannot fly, by any means.
●No spell intended to grant flight (even "levitate") will function with a radiant idol as its target.

●A spell (such as "polymorph") that changes them into a form with the natural ability of flight works normally,
except that the radiant idol still can't fly in that form.

●If changed into a form that has only a fly speed (no land speed),
the radiant idol can only move along the ground in that form.

●Spells that grant flight to other characters fail within 30 feet of them (even if used on someone who isn't the radiant idol), as if it were at the center of an "antimagic field", but only magic related to flight is affected.
●Magic items that grant the power of flight likewise fail. Even creatures with a natural ability to fly feel uncomfortable near a radiant idol.

The following corebook spells don't function on or near a radiant idol: "air walk", "feather fall", "fly", "gaseous form", "jump", "levitate", "overland flight", "reverse gravity", and "wind walk". Note: This isn't a complete list, and any other spells the GM judges to fulfill the criteria will also fail to function.

Aura of Divinity (Su): They're surrounded with an aura of false divinity that inspires fear & awe.
●This affects those within 30 feet of the radiant idol.
●Enemies must succeed on a DC 21 Will save or be affected as though by a "crushing despair" spell (CL 11).
●Allies are affected as though by a "good hope" spell.

Glibness (Su): It is permanently and continually getting the benefits of the "glibness" spell (CL 11),
which gives it a +30 bonus on Bluff checks made to convince another of the truth of its words.

Tongues (Su): Can speak with any creature that has a language, as though using a "tongues" spell (CL 11). This ability is always active.

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