This is a place people can write down and share fun things that have been said during saga sessions, whether in-game or out-of-game.

Espen: Wow, what is he, allergic to death?

ST: So, what? "We won't kill you for your crimes,
we'll kill you for your disparaging comments on art!"

Espen: YES!

(When Ari's age of 69 was commented upon as he entered a brothel)
Ari Thiel – A wizard arrives neither late nor early. He comes exactly when he means to!

("Utility" the warforged has just fixed the missing buttons on Firiel's evening outfit)
Firiel d'Ghallanda – Thanks, you're a lifesaver!
UtilityReally?!? you would have DIED?!?!
I knew clothing was important, but I had no idea!

Ari Thiel – You have been mind-controlled by the slug in your pants!
Ken – Oh no! Can you help me remove it?

Ti'ana – No, I think you should go into the dark alley with the criminal.

Magnus – You have a cage, you have rope. This is gonna be an interesting night.

Rathan – Adventurers, really? Wow. Didn't know they'd gone that far with the security.
Zog Zog – Well, I heard there was booze, so….

(Zogzog the half-orc makes out with Unfortunate the redcap)
Sigve – And nine months later, the greencap is born!

Julian – He doesn't have a compensation problem….he's very good at compensating.

Sir Verrodin – So….we're going on an expedition even further down into the depths of the world than the magma layers, and we're looking for the workshop where the forces of the aberrant-dragonmarked did their most desperate "research & development" while under a multi-year long siege.

A place that's probably still chock-full of god only knows what sorts of dangerous magic technology. Especially since nobody has ever found or looted it, not in all the centuries since 2 of those guys used their powers to utterly destroy the city above, and kill millions of people, within seconds.

(player looks at character sheets. Sees Wisdom score is 7)

Sir Verrodin – OK. Sounds like a good plan to me. Everyone good to go?

(Verrodin's player notices facial expression of player sitting opposite)

Henrik – Var det noe?
Anniken – (hesitates, then shrugs) Eh, e har sikkert ikke charisma nok til å stoppe oss uansett

GM – So enough time to get a fancy new outfit.
or say goodbye to your loved ones!
Julian – Or say hello to someone else's loved ones.
Magnus – Damn, now I have two things I need to do.

Julian – Hah, wehere we're going, we don't need pants!

Lord Xiomblargh – I thought it was one of those parasites that eat you from the inside, and then burst out of your body.
Ari – No, those are children.

Magnus – I am paranoid that we're being followed by an invisible dinosaur.

Ari – It's not my fuault that changelings are ugly!
Fam – HEY! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
Magnus (fam's player) – I've been trying to find a place to use that all session!

Gry – Essentially, prostitute transformers.

(characters just survived a major train crash,
and are standing next to the remains of the train
in the middle of the field where it ended up
Solkashtai – So, guys, what the fuck happened?
Thariv – I think we got….derailed!

Thariv – Have you looked in a mirror lately?
Phoenix – No. I am not vain.
Thariv – Maybe you should?!?
Solkashtai – Do we HAVE a mirror that big?

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