Quori Embedded Shards

Nature: Psionic Item
Type: Siberys Dragonshard Items

Kalashtar psionicists and the Inspired lords of Riedra have found a way to draw on the power of Siberys shards. An Inspired or kalashtar character can undergo a painful process that actually embeds an item made these dragonshards in their body. Once the link is formed, the shard acts as a lens for the power of the quori spirit within the character, providing them with enhanced physical or mental abilities.

Using Quori Shards

●A psionic creature can activate or deactivate an embedded shard as a Standard action.
●Doing this requires a command thought and doesn't provoke an Attack of Opportunity.
●While a shard is active, the stone glows with a dim radiance; some shards have more dramatic appearances.

Implanting Quori Shards

●The powers of the shard can only be activated by the life force of a kalashtar or Inspired, and so they don't function unless they're implanted in such a 'host'.
●The surgical implantation procedure itself uses much the same rules as the mechanics given for technological implants (see the "Technology Guide" sourcebook for further details).
●In general, implanting a shard is an invasive procedure that should only be done by a competent surgeon, and which the body needs time to recover from afterwards.

Bonding With Quori Shards

A shard draws on the psychic energy of its bearer, and as a result there is a limit to the number of shards that a person can support.
●Shards don't use up a an item body slot.
●A character can't have more than 1 embedded shard per Manifester Level (ML).
●The subject permanently loses 1 HP as part of the bonding process.
●Once a shard is implanted, it bonds to the muscle & bone of the subject, and can't be removed.

Pathfinder-Converted Shards

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