TYPE Known as CR
Tsoreva Mindblades 5
Tsucora Night Terrors 7
Hashalaq Dreamstealers 9
Usvapna Dream Masters 11
Du'ulora Blackfuries 11
Kalaraq Eyebinders 20
Nature: Race of creatures
Type: Outsider
Subtype: Psionic
Alignment: Lawful Evil
World: Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams


The plane of Dal Quor is home to a host of creatures called the quori – living embodiments of dream and nightmare. Quori are the power behind the Dreaming Dark, and survive in the mortal world by inhabiting the bodies of physical creatures with the ability to dream, preferably humanoids. Over centuries of time they have meticulously managed to breed forth a bloodline of specially prepared human vessels, called the Inspired, which serve as the optimal host bodies for them.

All quori come from the central region of Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams. Their domed cities rise up from the dreamstuff just beyond the realm where mortal spirits travel in their dreams.

Quori share few characteristics. Some of them are insectile while others are chaotic clouds of eyes and shadow, and still others are made up of hundreds of tendrils. Most quori are cruel but sophisticated, preferring psychological torment to physical conflict. They are endlessly patient, willing to wait for decades to take vengeance or bring a plan to fruition.


Quori are outsiders alien to Eberron and the material world. Immortal beings, the quori still feed — they con­sume the psychic energy of dreaming mortals. They don't sleep, nor do they reproduce in the conventional way. All quori are the spawn of the Dreaming Dark, il-Lashtavar, and the Dark can only create new quori when a living one dies. This is just one of the many reasons the Inspired seek to eradicate the kalashtar. A quori who is discovered to be working against the interests of the Dreaming Dark is quickly killed so that its spiritual energy can return to the Dark and be reborn.


All quori have the following traits, unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry.

Immunities (Ex): ●Fear effects, ●Charm effects, ●Sleep effects.
Energy Resistances (Ex): Acid: 10, Cold: 10, Fire: 10.
Power Resistance (Ex): Have PR = (11 +HD).
Telepathy (Su): Can communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 ft that has a language
Greater Teleport (Su): On the plane of Dal Quor, quori can use ''greater teleport'' at will, as the spell (CL14), except that it only transports itself & items ≤ 50 lbs. This doesn't work on other planes.
See in Darkness (Su): Can see perfectly in darkness of any kind, even that created by magic.

Invade Dreams (Su): Once per day, a quori with at least 9 HD residing on the plane of Dal Quor can send a ''dream'' or ''nightmare'' (as the spells) to a specified creature on another plane. When appearing in a dream, a quori can assume an alternate form, as if using ''alter self''. The CL for this ability = quori's HD, and save DC for the ''nightmare'' version of this ability is Charisma-based.

Possession (Su): Today, they can possess any willing human. A quori with HD≥ 4 & Cha ≥ 13 can shuck its physical form on Dal Quor and take on an ethereal spirit form. Its spirit can then possess a suitable and willing human host (referred to hereafter as a human vessel).

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