Psionic Focus

Many kalashtar feats, as well as many psionic feats and class abilities, work either by maintaining or expending ''psionic focus''.

Concept: Merely having the ability to hold a reservoir of psionic Power Points in mind gives psionic characters a special energy. Psionic characters can put that energy to work without actually paying a power point cost – they can become ''psionically focused''.

Gaining Psionic Focus: If you have a Power Point pool or ability to manifest psi-like abilities, you can meditate to become psionically focused. Meditating is a Full-round action that provokes Attacks of Opportunity. You can still gain psionic focus even if you've depleted all your Power Points.

Maintaining Focus: Once you're psionically focused you remain so until you expend that focus, become unconscious, or you go to sleep (or enter a meditative trance, for racees like elans or elves). Various psionic-related feats, powers, items & class abilities only work while you maintain focus.

Expending Focus: When you're psionically focused, you can expend your focus to get 1 specific benefit, chosen from among those the character has access to (initially only concentration-boosting).
●Expend it on a single Concentration check. When you expend your focus on it, 1 concentration check is treated as if you rolled a 15. It’s like taking 10, except the number added to modifier is 15.
●You can also expend your focus to gain the benefit of a (psionic)-type feat which requires it. Many psionic feats are activated in this way.

Limit: Expending your psionic focus to power a feat, class feature, or any other ability only ever powers 1 single effect. You can't get the benefit of multiple abilities that require expending focus by expending your psionic focus once; each effect requires its own instance of expending psionic focus

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