Nature: Creature Subtype
Type: Universal (it isn't limited to any given creature type)

The "psionic" subtype applies to creatures that can use psionic powers or abilities or that have the ability to manifest powers. (In other words, a creature with the psionic subtype either has a power point reserve or has psi-like abilities). It also applies to any other creatures that have abilities labeled as “psionics”.

Characters who have levels in any class that grants the use of psionics, or who have psi-like abilities as racial traits, gain the psionic subtype.

Other than the fact that all "psionic" creatures have psionic powers or psi-like abilities, "psionic" creatures have no specific traits. The "psionic" subtype simply identifies creatures that may be vulnerable to powers, spells, and effects targeting psionic creatures, as well as granting access to psionic feats and the ability to gain and maintain psionic focus.

Psionic Creatures

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