2 Voidworm 3
4 Ourdivar 5
5 Azuretzi 6
7 Naunet 9
8 Pelagastr 10
10 Imentesh 13
15 Hegessik 19
17 Keketar 23
Nature: Race of creatures
Type: Outsider
Class: Archetypes
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
World: Kythri, the Churning Chaos


Beings of pure chaos, the serpentine proteans slither through the anarchic improbabilities of Kythri, remaking reality according to their whims. They are the physical embodiments of the cosmic principles of randomness, freedom, individuality and pure unadulterated disorder.

According to their own history, they have been here ever since the progenitor wyrms pulled forth the outer planes from raw chaos — and they have been battling against the indignity ever since.

Hereditary and ideological enemies of the plane of Daanvi and its residents, as well as all other forces of stasis and rules and systems, the proteans see it as their sacred duty to plunge the bland, static expanses of mundane reality into the beautiful incongruities of chaotic existence, like that which is found in Kythri.

This is both for the planes’ own good and for the greater glory of Chaos itself. They are the living, breathing immune system of their home dimension, rooting out infections of mundanity and replacing them with beautiful entropy.

Primeval in shape and philosophy, proteans are the race that most perfectly embodies the twin aspects of creation and destruction, as the forces of chaos both bring forth new things never seen before, as well as tear apart and unmake that which already exists.

Even their language is mutable, evolving so quickly that few outsiders can understand it without magical aid. Ecological study is nearly impossible, as reproduction can take a wide variety of forms, from sexual union to fission to spontaneous generation.


Despite their deceptively similar natural appearances, all of them having a snake-like basic shape to their bodies, the two things that truly unify the protean race are slavish devotion to the principles of anarchy and individuality, and a fervent desire for the dissolution of ordered reality as we know it.


Perception: Blindsense (distance varies by type).
Immunities: ●Acid, ●Polymorph (unless willing).
Resistances: Electricity: 10. Sonic: 10.
Special Attacks: ●Constrict, ●Grab.
Movement: Supernatural flight, (Perfect) maneuverability. Speed set by type of Protean.
Liberty of Mobility (Su): Has continuous ''freedom of movement'', as per the spell.

Amorphous Anatomy (Ex): Vital organs shift and change shape and position constantly. This gives:
●Grants them the above immunity to polymorph.
●50% chance to ignore added damage caused by critical hits & sneak attacks
●Automatically recover from physical blindness and/or deafness after 1 round, by growing new sensory organs to replace those that were compromised.

Change Shape (Su): 1/day as a Standard action they may change their shape to any Small, Medium, or Large animal, elemental, giant, humanoid, magical beast, monstrous humanoid, ooze, plant, or vermin. They can resume their true form as free action, which gives them the effect of a ''heal'' spell (CL = HD).

[Inflict] Warpwave (Su): Many Proteans can cause unpredictable ripples in reality known as "warpwaves", whether with a melee attack or other method. They have no control over which effect this inflicts on the target, as it more or less involves using pure Chaos power to override physics and randomize local reality for a short while.

When a "warpwave" happens, roll on the table of possible effects. Target resists with Fortitude save, DC = (10 +1/2 HD +Con modifier).

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