Nature: Location
Type: Warehouse district in Sharn
Ward: Lower Dura
Social: Lower class

Buildings: Warehouses (70), poor food (4), exotic trades (2), poor trades (35), poor services (70), average residence (1), poor residences (500), shrine (Path of Inspiration), other (5)

First Impression: This district, dominated by massive warehouses that hold the cargo of the merchant ships that ply the Dagger River, consists of storage towers surrounded by tenements, flophouses, and an assortment of workhouses and businesses of questionable trade practices.


The skydocks of Precarious lean out into the air high above the Dagger River. Vast mystical cranes and magic lifts use "levitation" and the power of Syrania to haul loads of cargo and people to and from the waterfront districts of Cliffside. An army of laborers transports goods between the docks and the warehouses in the district — both the massive storage towers and the smaller warehouses.

While sailors generally find entertainment in Cliffside, Precarious houses a variety of crafts and services. Mills and workhouses make immediate use of the raw materials brought up from the Dagger River, while a few dingy taverns, gambling dens, and dreamlily dealers provide the workers with a chance to leave their cares — and their silver — behind. A variety of criminal trades are practiced in Precarious; the Boromar Clan has a hand in many of the businesses in the area due to their considerable investments in smuggling and shipping.


Precarious plays an important part in the economy of Sharn, and as a result the City Watch maintains an active presence in the district. The Watch maintains a small garrison in the area to watch for smugglers — or at least to ensure that the proper bribes are paid. The Watch also protects the tariff office, the large customs agency on the skydocks that handles taxation of goods. The Watch protects trade: petty crimes are not their concern, and Precarious is definitely a dangerous place for average citizens and visitors. Tourists and important visitors arriving by ship generally hire a Deneith escort at Grayflood to ensure safe passage through Lower Dura to the higher levels of the city.

Precarious Locations

Dar San
Kundarak's Precarious Warehouses


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The Stores district

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