Platinum Heights

Nature: Location
Type: District in Sharn (fine shops)
Quarter: Central Plateau
Ward: Upper Central
Social: Upper class

Buildings: Upscale lodging (15), upscale food (25), exotic trades (40), upscale trades (120), upscale residences (80)

First Impression: Stores, restaurants, hotels, and a few homes in this prosperous neighborhood are all high-priced and lavish.


Platinum Heights is the finest commercial districtin Sharn, home of the most exclusive businesses, from restaurants to magic item dealers

Platinum Heights Locations

Aurora Gallery
Gray Dragon Inn
Sannid's Restaurant


Upper Dura ward Upper Northedge
▲ North ▲
The Upper Dura ward
The Korranath district
◄West Platinum Heights East► Upper Northedge ward
Korran-Thiven district
▼ South ▼
Korranath district Korran-Thiven

Above: Brilliant
Below: Tradefair
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