Nature: Location
Type: District in Sharn (wealthy residential)
Quarter: Menthis Plateau
Ward: Upper Menthis
Social: Upper class

Buildings: Upscale residences (250), average residences (30)

First Impression: The townhomes in this district are large and well kept, clearly displaying the wealth of their occupants. Servants move about on the business of their employers, and guards can be seen posted at many of the doors.


Platinate, among Sharn’s most desirable residential districts, isn’t as exclusive as Mithral Tower in Upper Central, but certainly compares to Oak Towers and Crystal Bridge in Upper Northedge.

Morgrave University produces few scholars wealthy enough to live in Platinate, but some retired explorers who struck it rich selling artifacts from Xen'drik settled in this district to remain close to the University. There are just enough eccentric collectors of antiquities and retired adventurers to give Platinate a quirky character that distinguishes it from similar districts.


Den'iyas district
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The University District | ◄West Platinate East► | Upper Tavick's Landing
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Upper Tavick's Landing ward

Above: Azure
Below: Little Plains
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