Nature: Creature
Type: Aberration
Subtype: Aquatic, Earth

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Size: Colossal
CR: 17

First Encountered: 29.2 "Diving For Directions"

Description: "The shattered remnants of buildings and statues can be seen in this shuddering mass of wet, rugged rock."

Information: Planktas are stony creatures formed from the shattered remnants of ancient island civilizations devastated and inundated by natural or magical cataclysms, and given life by unleashed magical energies and the anguished spirits of those lost in the tragedies that formed the planktas.

These massive, rocky aberrations dwell in the seas. They burn with hatred for the ships and cities of empires that still stand, and seek to ruin such foes in the hope of creating more planktas, though this bizarre attempt at reproduction rarely succeeds.

Some planktas are nomadic, wandering in search of prey, but others lurk in busy sealanes or narrow straits to shatter and sink ships attempting to pass.

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